Stoops Speaks

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, rumored to be the leading candidate to replace Steve Spurrier as Florida coach, tells the media that he will continue as coach of the Sooners. (AP Photo/Jerry Laizure)

Statement From Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops Monday afternoon regarding his decision to stay at Oklahoma.

"From time to time, people have choices in their lives as to what they want to do. I want to clarify and straighten out so many of the wrong rumors that have been out there recently. People spread rumors over the past few days and too many people took them as fact. I have a great relationship with the people at Florida, having been there for three years, from administration, to coaches, to families, etc. I have a personal relationship with Jeremy Foley, Florida's athletic director, and our conversation today dealt with whether or not I'd have an interest in their job.

I recognize Florida as one of the great jobs in football. It's one of the strong, premier programs in the country. Jeremy knew coming in that my feelings were strong and that I was committed to our program. He knew the level of commitment to the administration we have here and how strong and positive our program is. He understood the direction of this program. He understood my feelings were that I wanted to see our program through completion, and he knew I'm committed to this program.

Being personal friends, we talked for a while and in the end, that's my decision. I feel committed and strong to what we're doing here at Oklahoma, about the strength of our program and where it's heading. I feel that is what's most important to me, continuing to develop this program at Oklahoma. We had a good discussion, but that's all it was. We never talked about a contract, nor have I with Oklahoma. The bottom line was, I feel too strong about this program and what the future looks like. I'm very proud about what we've done to this point. Everything else was a rumor and I think people have learned over the last couple of days, not to believe half of what you hear and none of what you read.

I feel very strong, content and positive about our situation here. The players have shown a great commitment to us and we're excited about where we're heading. I enjoyed great success at Florida and they helped me get this job. I'll always be grateful to them and I have a lot of close friends in that program. However, I've never wavered on what a strong, positive program we have at Oklahoma."

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