RECRUITING: Simmons close to verbal after visit?

Hargrave Millitary Academy DT Brian Simmons talks about his visit to Norman for OU-Nebraska.


JH: What did you think of your visit to OU?

BS: "I really had a good time. The visit was everything that I thought it was going to be. I really enjoyed the game time experience, and I really enjoyed riding on the team bus to the game."

JH: Most of us have never been on that bus heading to the stadium, so give us an idea what the players do and what the trip is like?

BS: "Everybody is so focused on the bus that you could hear a pin drop. Everything is concentrated on the game and nobody is saying a word. Once they get to the Switzer Center they show a motivational video that was so good that I wanted to suit up and run out on the field with them."

JH: What surprised you the most about Oklahoma?

BS: "Going into the visit everybody told me that Oklahoma has a swagger to them and they were cocky. However, what I learned about them is that the players on the team are real down to earth and they don't have any egos to them. I had a long talk to Adrian Peterson and he is a real good guy. I talked to Jammal Brown and Lynn McGruder. and the same can be said of them. OU has a great bunch of guys and they are one big happy family."

JH: What did you think about the game?

BS: "I watched the defensive tackles a lot and Coach (Jackie) Shipp played all of his defensive tackles in the game. That is something that I really liked. I also liked the technique that Oklahoma played. Most teams make their defensive tackles catch offensive linemen and hold them up, but that is not the case at Oklahoma. Their defensive tackles fire off the ball and are allowed to make plays, and that is something that I am interested in as well."

JH: You were a big lean to OU, so did you tell them that you were going to play for them next fall?

BS: "No, sir. I didn't commit to them, but I was very close to committing. I really like Oklahoma and they are still my No. 1 school, but I want to take a couple more visits so that I will have some other school to compare it go. I thought about committing to Oklahoma and almost did, but without question OU is still my No. 1 school."

JH: Who else are you going to visit?

BS: "On December 17 I am going to visit Auburn and on January 15 I am going to visit Tennessee. OU is far and away my No. 1 school right now and it is going to take a great effort from some other school to keep me from signing with OU."

JH Who were your escorts at OU?

BS: "My first night my host was Corey Bennett and I had a good time. We played a lot of video games and stuff. After the game it was Corey and Lynn McGruder."

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