RECRUITING: Zirbel headed to Michigan?

Murray, Ky. offensive lineman Cory Zirbel update.

Cory Zirbel, OL, 6-7, 292, 5.3, MURRAY, KENTUCKY:

JH: How is your season going?

CZ: "We lost Friday night and ended our season 9-3. We came out and started throwing the ball right off the bat and took a 16-0 lead. We led 20-3 at half and then blew a great chance to score in the second half. They ended up scoring and our running back fumbled three straight times, and we threw two interceptions in the second half. Any time you do that it doesn't work out and they came back to beat us."

JH: How did you play in the game?

CZ: "I played pretty well. I graded out at 93 percent for the game and I had seven tackles on defense and two sacks."

JH: Did you go both ways the entire season?

CZ: "Yes, I went both ways the entire season. I played the whole game every game. It got a little tiring, but it was fun."

JH: Have you taken any visits recently?

CZ: "My only visit thus far was to Oklahoma. I haven't been to any schools unofficially. I am going Miami (12-3) and then I go to Michigan (12-10)."

JH: Are you just concentrating on recruiting or do you go right into basketball or some other sport?

CZ: "I guess I am going to concentrate on it since our football season is over. I play basketball, but that is not that big of a deal. I have talked to my coach and he understands that I am going to be gone a lot. I am going to take my final two visits and then sit down with my coach and my dad and talk this thing out and see if we can come up with a commit."

JH: Among the three schools that you are visiting how is recruiting shaping up?

CZ: "They are all pretty even. I really liked Oklahoma when I was out there. I am going to compare my officials to Oklahoma and see how they compare."

JH: Everything that is written about you on the Internet indicates that you are a big lean to Michigan or about to commit to them. Is that not true?

CZ: "There was a story in the internet that said that I was going to commit to Michigan soon. I haven't read it, but my coach told me about it. I have never said that at all."

JH: Would you say you are a heavy lean to Michigan?

CZ: "No, I wouldn't even say it was a heavy lean. If I had to pick a leader I would say that Michigan leads. My official there will tell the difference because my official to Oklahoma was pretty good. Depending on how that official goes at Michigan will determine a great deal for me."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma right now?

CZ: "I was really impressed with Oklahoma when I was out there. I really enjoyed hanging out with Cameron (Schacht) and J.D. (Quinn). Those are the kind of people that I would like to play with. Coach (Kevin) Wilson and Coach (Bob) Stoops are great guys and the coaching staff and players are first-rate. It is really going to be tough for somebody to beat Oklahoma."

JH: So your next visits are going to be very important in your decision making process?

CZ: "I want to take this official to Michigan and see how it compares to Oklahoma. I want to see if I like it as much and see if I get the same feeling about the players and coaches. I am looking to see if they just bug me to commit or if they just show me how they are personally. I don't think they will bug me to commit, because most of the high-class programs don't do that."

JH: How good of a basketball player are you?

CZ: "I guess I am pretty good. Last year I averaged 11 points and nine rebounds a game. I came off the bench last year, but I start this year along with a 6-10 kid on our team."

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