RECRUITING: Joseph still high on Oklahoma

Top Florida line prospect talks about all-star games and what position he'll play in college


JH: You had a heck of a game in the Florida-California all-star game. What are your thoughts?

"I broke my hand in the first quarter. I really don't know how I broke it, because somehow I got my hand stepped on. It was a lot of pain, especially in the second quarter and that is why I didn't play to much in the second quarter. I took some asprine and taped my hand up and played in the second half. I have a soft cast on my hand and I have one bone broken on my right finger up by the knuckle. I may have to put pins in it."

JH: Who did you go up against most of the game?

"I blocked against Manuel Wright most of the game and he got me a couple of times on the swim move. However, most of the time I held my own and he didn't finish the game."

JH: Was it a great experience?

"It was a great experience and it was real intense. I really liked playing in a game with so many great players. I went to the game to prove to myself that I could play with the very best. I came out of the game feeling that there is not as many linemen in the country who are as good as I am right now."

JH: Are you an offensive linemen or are some colleges recruiting you on defense?

"If I go to Oklahoma I am going to play on defense. I went both ways this year, but I don't know my statistics, because we really didn't keep any stats for defensive linemen. I don't know officially, but I must have had in double digits in sacks and over 100 tackles."

JH: How is recruiting going right now?

"Oklahoma is my favorite right now. The Sooners are everything that I am looking for socially, athletic-wise and academically."

JH: What is it you like about Norman?

"I think it is pretty good. That is what I am looking for, I am looking for a college town."

JH: What other schools are you considering?

"I am still looking at Michigan State, Ohio State and North Carolina State. I go to North Carolina State this weekend and I have already visited Michigan State and Oklahoma. I go to Ohio State on the 18th. I will most likely take all my visits. I already have the Ohio State visit set up."

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