RECRUITING: Florida DL/OL gets good news

Miami lineman Kareem Brown talks about his good news and when he will visit the Sooners


JH: You played your first football in over a year in the Florida-California all-star game, how did it go for you?

"It was good and I was glad to get back out there. I got a couple of tackles, five to be exact, but I didn't get any sacks. I got to hit the quarterback a couple of times, but never in time to get a sack. On one play, as I was hitting him, the quarterback threw the ball, so I just missed getting that quarterback sack."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting with you?

"You called at the right time and will get some late-breaking scoop. I scored a 21 on my ACT and I am now qualified."

JH: That is great news, congratulations! Are you still interested in the same schools?

"It's the same as to the last time we talked. The only difference is the coaching change at Florida and the fact that several players are leaving. I made an agreement with Florida to visit and I am still going to take that visit. I am visiting LSU this Friday, then Miami on the 25th and Florida on the 18th. I am going to have to squeeze Oklahoma in during the week sometime. I am still very interested in Oklahoma."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

"It's hard for me to tell, but I haven't been to any visits yet. I have been to Miami because it is right down the street and I went to camp at LSU and Michigan State. Those are the only three schools that I really know anything about. I got interested in Oklahoma when Coach Jackie Shipp came and visited me in the spring. He does a great job selling his program and I have been interested in the Sooners every since.

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