Morriss on Oklahoma

See inside for excerpts from Baylor Head Coach Guy Morriss' weekly press conference on Tuesday. Morriss' talks about playing the Second-ranked Sooners, their offense, Adrian Peterson and his Bears motivation playing in their final game of the season. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Below are excerpts on Baylor Head Coach Guy Morriss' weekly press conference on Tuesday. Quotes courtesy of

On Oklahoma
"Oklahoma is a good football team, there's no doubt about it. You don't get to be the number two team in the country these days without being a decent football team. They look pretty good. I really think our kids are going to just line up and play as hard as we can for as long as we can and see what we can get done."

On Adrian Peterson
"He's right up there with some older kids. To me what's impressive about Adrian is that he's a true freshmen, and doing things he's doing things fourth and fifth year players are doing. He's an upright guy; but, he does have really great leg strength, you see him run through tackles, he does have good balance, and I think it's just the combination of his God-given abilities that make him a special kid."

On Oklahoma Offense
"They have five linemen up front that are not bad and they have good skill people. We respect Oklahoma, obviously, but I don't see us conceding and hanging our heads."

On Final Game
"They will see this as a great opportunity to play against a fine football program for their last home game at Floyd Casey Stadium. They should be emotionally charged up. Parents will be here and they will have a television audience. This is their last go around. Maybe for most of them it might be their last game ever. I think we will be pretty gassed up and give it our best effort."

On Baylor's Key Players (Zeigler) Having Big Games Against Oklahoma "Well it would certainly help. I think we have some kids that have that capability. It's always good to see your players have big games against quality teams. It makes me feel good that we are recruiting the right kinds of guys. If Dominique (Zeigler) can do that for us, it just tells me that we are on the right track for recruiting as well."

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