Williams' father says one school stands out

Greenbelt, Maryland receiver Derrick Williams' father talks about his sons' interest in Oklahoma.

Derrick Williams, a 6-foot-1 receiver from Greenbelt, Maryland who is arguably America's top-ranked prospect, and his high school team was upset this past Friday and thus were knocked out of the playoffs in the third round. This was a shocking ending to the season for Greenbelt High School, so this week Derrick is talking time off talking to the press.

Derrick's father, Dwight, said that he wants Derrick to be a normal student this week and thus to refrain from talking to the media.

I took the liberty to ask Mr. Williams about all the rumors from back East about Derrick being a silent commitment to Penn State, a heavy lean to Penn State or a lean to Virginia or to Florida or whoever.

Like I have been saying for a while now Williams, is a lean to Oklahoma if he is a lean to anybody.

"What I want you to tell all the folks in Oklahoma is that Oklahoma is in a very strong position right now and because of a number of reasons. Oklahoma is number one with Derrick," said Dwight Williams, the father of Derrick Williams. "There are a lot of reasons why Oklahoma is number one with Derrick. First we have family in Oklahoma. Not just one or two members of our family, but most of our family lives in Oklahoma. In fact, all of the family on my wifes side lives in Oklahoma. That is a major factor in Oklahoma's behalf.

"Going to college can be tough on any young man, especially if he is leaving his home state, but if Derrick went to Oklahoma he would never be alone and he would be around his family. Just up the road in Oklahoma City he would have so many relatives and friends of my wife, that he is always going to have family around. If he gets sick he can get some help and he will have family to go to church with on Sunday. We are still members of the Tabitha Baptist Church."

"Another reason why OU is number one with us is because of Bob Stoops," Mr. Williams continued. "Coach Stoops is an outstanding coach and a great guy. We have enjoyed meeting all the coaches. We enjoyed our meeting with Joe Paterno and we enjoyed our meeting with Ron Zook to. However, now Coach Zook isn't going to be at Florida and the stability of the coaching staff is important to us. We know that Coach Stoops is going to be at Oklahoma for a long time and that his staff is going to be basically the same. Another great reason why we like Oklahoma is because of Darrell Wyatt. Coach Wyatt is a good person and he has shown a great interest in Derrick. He is one of the best wide receiver coaches in the country and OU is turning wide receivers out to the pros. Derrick is no different than a lot of other young football players, he wants a chance to play pro football someday and Coach Wyatt can help him get to that level. There is one more reason as well. I am good friends with Dr. Gerald Gurney, the Associate Athletics Director for Academic Affairs. We worked at Maryland together and had lunch together almost every day."

"Another factor in Oklahoma's favor is that they graduate so many key receivers," Mr. Williams continued. "Derrick wants an opportunity to play early, and with so many wide receivers graduating Derrick would have that chance. He is going to enroll for the second semester, so no matter where he goes he will go through spring football. OU will be working in a new quarterback and that would give Derrick and that quarterback a chance to get to know one another. Oklahoma is going to be good every year and Derrick would have a chance to be a major factor for them next year."

"Derrick still has to take all of his visits. We are going to visit Oklahoma on December 10.," Mr. Williams continued. "After that we will sit down as a family and start talking over this decision. However, this ultimately is going to come down to what Derrick wants to do. He has to feel comfortable with his decision, so that visit to Oklahoma needs to be one that he feels comfortable about. He has felt good about everything Oklahoma has done thus far, but the visit is going to be important."

"James, if you don't mind we would like to get a shout out to some friends of ours," asked Mr. Williams. "We want to say hi to Sharron and Marty. (Then Derrick's mom Brenda got on the phone) and added Murry, Rosa and Larry Foster, Angela Munson, Glenda and Brenda Davis, Rafic and Patrick Bolding and the Tabitha Baptist Church in Oklahoma City."

So, there you have it straight from Mr. Williams. The real deal is that Williams is a lean to OU, but there is still some recruiting to do.

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