White says Sooners focused on Baylor, not BCS

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White (pictured above) talks about winning a second Heisman Trophy, the BCS, Saturday's matchup with Baylor and much, much more. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Below are excerpts from Oklahoma quarterback Jason White's press conference Tuesday in Norman.

On winning a second Heisman
"It doesn't make a difference to me. It's a great honor and everything, but after last year and just being around the team even more I'd much rather have a Big 12 Championship."

On if he's played better this year than last season
"I think I've played smarter, in terms of taking care of the ball, getting the team in the right play. I just have a better feel of the offense. I don't think you can really compare last year to this year just because last year's kind of different scheme — more passes, less runs. And this year is kind of even, so as an overall offense we're better this year."

On if he was aware of his 18 straight completions during the Nebraska game
"I didn't know until after the game that I was on a streak. During the game you don't really realize that."

On if he felt like he was in the zone against Nebraska
"The passing game was clicking for us. The offensive line was giving me all day to throw and I just had to sit back there and go through my reads. I really didn't have any tough throws with people in my face or anything. The receivers did a great job of making plays too, not every ball was perfect. They made some great plays."

On his receivers making big plays
"They're a great bunch of receivers. They all make plays. And even though they're taking away Mark Clayton doubling him and putting their best cover guy on him, it's opening things up for the other receivers. Mark doesn't mind at all. He likes to see other guys catch and make plays and Travis Wilson and Mark Bradley have stepped up and done that."

On the offensive line only allowing seven sacks this year as opposed to 28 last year
"With game experience they've become better players and it's really shown this year. They've done a great job up front. They're giving me all day to throw. I don't think there's many games where I've been hit in the backfield, so you've got to give them credit for how hard they worked over the summer and how hard they worked until now."

On how he would feel if they went undefeated and weren't able to 'Finish' with a national championship as they've prepared to do since last season
"There's nothing we can do about it. We know we can control our own destiny, as far as winning and losing, and that's all we can do. We can go try to win every game every Saturday and wherever we finish in the end that's what happens."

On how he developed his skill at throwing the long ball
"I've always thrown the long ball. In high school we threw a lot of long balls, that was just part of our gameplan. It's not necessarily just working on it all the time, a lot has to do with Coach Long showing us a lot of drills that we have to do with touch — throwing it in a trash can and stuff like that that's really helped out. The more and more you drill the better you become."

On if he grew up throwing the ball through a tire or anything that has helped him with his accuracy now
"Not really. I threw a ball threw a tire a couple times at home. Actually, I played running back until I was in seventh grade. I started playing football when I was in first grade, so I played running back all the way until seventh grade."

On why they moved him to quarterback
"Because I could throw the ball (laughs)."

On what he thought when he heard that Bill Callahan had called Oklahoma fans 'f------ hillbillies'
"I have nothing to say about it. Obviously, the fans were yelling for our team, so I didn't think anything."

On if the BCS controversy gives the team any extra motivation to play sharper
"I don't think there's any extra motivation. Every week we want to play to the best of our capabilities and continue to improve every week. Like I said, we control our destiny, and that's just winning games. If we win out that's all we can do."

On if he thinks the Big 12 South is the toughest conference in the nation
"I don't think you can compare the conferences. It would be hard to unless they played. Until they play, you can't compare."

On the myth that SEC is the best conference
"If they're fans of the teams in that conference, they're going to say that they're the best conference. Just like fans of the Big 12 say that the Big 12 is the best conference. It's just who are they fans of. You can't really compare until they play."

On Baylor's defense being physical and blitzing OU last season
"Last year they really played us well. They played a great game against us, you've got to give them credit for how they play. This year we know we have to go out and play our best. They're an improved team. Their coach has turned the program around. We'll be prepared to play."

On the distractions with the BCS effecting the team through the week
"We don't talk about it much. We know we have to go down to Baylor and play and win. We're just happy with a win. We don't care by how many points. We really can't control that except on the field. Baylor's a good team, especially at home. They upset A&M, so we know we have to go play our best and wherever the game falls that's how it goes."

On what it's been like since he decided to come back for another year last December
"This year's went by a lot faster than it did last year. I think just knowing that it's my last season for sure and not having to make a decision to come back or not. It's kind of a blur. You're watching film and you go back through the games, and you're like, 'Dang, we've played 10 games already.' It just doesn't seem like you've been here that long. It's been exciting, it's been extremely fun. It's been everything I thought it would be. Just being in the system for so long and knowing the offense, you can relax a little bit and have fun with it and not worry about making mistakes. You just go out and play, and that's when you start having fun."

On the teams' mindset this week being on the national championship picture since they've already wrapped up the Big 12 South
"We don't look at it like that. We look at it like we've got to win this game for the Big 12. We want sole possession of the Big 12 Championship. You've got to win this game and the Big 12 Championship to actually be called the Big 12 champ."

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