RECRUITING: Colorado DE trims list

Colorado defensive end Zach Latimer says the Sooners lead, but by how much?


JH: How is your basketball season going and will you try to play both sports in college?

"It is going pretty good. We are 6-1 on the year and will start league play this Friday. I have started all four years at shooting guard and I averaged 25 points per game. I might try to play basketball in college. If my body will hold up after football I might try to walk-on."

JH: What is up in recruiting with you?

"Right now it is down to Oklahoma and Miami. I am leaning towards Oklahoma right now. Basically, every since my trip I have absolutely no complaints about Oklahoma. I really enjoyed the coaches and players and when I take other trips I have always compared the other schools to Oklahoma and they have lost."

JH: You have always seemed to favor OU, so what is keeping you from committing to the Sooners right now?

"Basically it is all the family that I have in Miami right now. Some of them would probably be disappointed if I go to Oklahoma, but as long as my folks are behind me then everything will be OK. My parents are leaving the decision with me and they are supporting me 100 percent."

JH: Are you still going to meet with the head coaches soon?

"I was supposed to meet with Coach (Gary) Barnett on Sunday, but I think I am going to tell him that it would be a waste of time, because I am leaving the state. I am meeting Coach (Larry) Coker next Thursday I believe."

JH: Is it to the point where Sooner fans can be very confident that you are going to sign with them?

"I would say that I could still go to Miami, but I would say that it is a 65 to 70 percent chance that I am going to Oklahoma."

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