RECRUITING: OU still in hunt for Michigan prospec

Bloomfield, Mich. athlete Kyle Brown says he's down to four schools and right now it's all even


JH: How is your rehab for your town ACL coming along?

"My rehab is going great. I am already to the point in training where I am running, cutting and jumping. I am doing leg presses and extensions in the weight room. I have been doing the shuttle run for a little while. I am not even wearing a brace. If I can totally rehab all the way back I am going to try to run track."

JH: What's up in recruiting?

"I still have four schools, which are Purdue, Oklahoma, USC and Michigan State. All four schools are pretty even right now. I am still waiting for all the head coaches to come and visit me and I have already visited all four of them.
JH: How do the four schools compare?

"I liked the visit to USC, because of Los Angeles. I don't know which campus I liked. Purdue was the smallest, but it was great because everything was close to together. OU's was nice and so was Michigan State. USC was compact as well."

JH: What do the schools tell you about playing time?

"All four schools say that I will play right away. At Purdue they runs five wide outs, while USC and Michigan State runs three wide's. Oklahoma runs five and that is good for me."

JH: Can you rank the four schools in some kind of order.

"All are so close, I really can't do that. Coach Williams at Michigan State is the only head coach that I have seen thus far. I will see the other coaches in the next couple of weeks. I have more of an idea at that time."

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