Peterson only worried about winning, not awards

OU running back Adrian Peterson talks about his record-setting freshman season on the field and his newfound stardom off the field. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Super frosh Adrian Peterson has lived up to all his press clippings and more thus far his first year at OU. 'AD' goes into the Big 12 Championship game still a Heisman contender and a Doak Walker contender as well.

However, over the next month or so AD will play in the biggest games of his football career. He talked about that opportunity and much more with OUInsider last week

JH: You were recently named the Big 12 Player of the Week and for the second time the ABC/Cingular Wireless player of the week after you performance against Baylor. It has to feel good to know that people think a lot good things about you?

AD: "Yeah it feels good, because it shows the hard work that I have put into this season is paying off for me and the team."

JH: You were named one of the finalists for the Doak Walker award and they altered their rules this year to allow freshman into the voting because they thought so much of you. What are your thoughts on that decision?

AD: "It is cool to be honored in that way. I think if you are good you are good. It doesn't matter if you are a freshman or a sophomore. They shouldn't hold it against you that you are a younger player. I am glad they changed that rule for the future running backs. When the next good young running back comes through I want him to have an opportunity to win the award like I am."

JH: Has there been times when Jason White's leadership has really helped you through your freshman year?

AD: "He has always told me to relax and stay calm. He told me to run and have fun and to block out everything else."

JH: What are your thoughts of playing in the Big 12 Championship game?

AD: "I am looking forward to going up there to play in Kansas City. The guys didn't play well last year in Kansas City and that was disappointing. I would like to go up there and win it this year for them. I know we can all go out there and play hard and win the game."

JH: Can you appreciate this season, or has it gone by too fast for you?

AD: "It has gone by fast, but I have been able to enjoy it. I have been having fun this season."

JH: How big has the fan fare become for you?

AD: "It is mainly people waiting for autographs from me all the time. They wait outside the locker room after games and practice. They even wait outside of study hall sometimes. I didn't even know fans knew where our study hall was. There have been times when I come out of our cafeteria and they are waiting. Coach Stoops has told me to not sign anything and I try not to. But they will pop out as I am coming out of study hall or the cafeteria and they will ask me to just sign one thing and I do it quickly and move on."

JH: Do you get bothered a lot at restaurants or when you are out around town?

AD: "It was kind of interesting the other night. I was eating at a restaurant and when I was done I went through the door and some people asked me to sign something for them. What was funny is that I saw them the whole time while I was eating, but they waited outside for me four about 20 minutes just to get me to sign something. At least they didn't ask me to sign something while I was eating. That wasn't that bad, but they waited a long time."

JH: Has your stardom changed the way you do things or when you might go out?

AD: "In a way I do, but I don't try to change anything. I just want to be normal guy and I want to have a normal life. I realize that things change, but I hope people they realize that I want to do normal things just like them."

JH: You had certain goals coming out of high school that you wanted to accomplish individually. Up to this point have you accomplished what you wanted to in college football?

AD: "I guess that I have. I guess I have had a successful year and that I have been pretty good. Hopefully, we can finish it off and then it will be complete."

JH: Would the individual awards complete your year?

AD: "I feel all that would be good, but I want to get that big one. That big game is all that I am thinking and worrying about."

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