RECRUITING: Could Simmons be OU's next commit?

Chatham, Va. defensive tackle Brian Simmons talks about his families' thoughts on Oklahoma being his leader and his remaining visits.


JH: I know you don't get home much so when you were home did you talk football much or just talk turkey?

BS: "We did a little bit of both. A lot of people asked me where I was going to go and how I liked my visit to Oklahoma. That was the big thing. A lot of people were talking Tennessee and stuff. There was a lot of conversation about my future and everything."

JH: What did you tell them about Oklahoma?

BS: "I told them the same thing that I am telling everybody else. I feel very strong about that program. They really stand out for me and they are a program that I respect a lot. I really would like to be a part of it if I feel that is the best place for me to go."

JH: Is your family very familiar with OU?

BS: "Sure, my family is a big sports family and they know about Oklahoma. Everybody knows about Oklahoma and knows about the Sooners. You can't know sports and not know about them."

JH: When you tell them you are leaning that direction are they happy to hear that.

BS: "Yes, everybody is happy with that. Unlike my family, I have friends who tell me that is too far from home, but my family really supports me and tell me to do what I feel is best. They tell me it shouldn't matter if it is a thousand miles away or very close. When somebody objects to Oklahoma it is always because they want me to stay somewhere down South. Now that I have been at Hargrave I feel I can go to any college anywhere. I don't get to go home that often anyway and I have gotten used to living away from home."

JH: Are you close to committing to OU?

BS: "I would say that I am. I want to go on another visit just to see what something else is like. I don't want to go to college and wonder what Auburn or Tennessee looked like. I don't want to have second thoughts about anything. I am not saying that I will and I probably wouldn't, but I just want to make sure."

JH: Who else will you visit?

BS: On December 17th I am going to visit Auburn and on January 15th I am going to visit Tennessee. Those are the only remaining visits that I need to go on."

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