RECRUITING: Daniels adding others to the mix

Brookhaven, Ohio athlete Alex Daniels says he'll be watching OU against Colorado on Saturday.

Alex Daniels, ATH, 6-3, 225, 4.5, COLUMBUS (BROOKHAVEN HS) OHIO:

JH: Drew Lavender and Brandon Foust played at your high school, so are you keeping up with what they are doing at OU this year?

AD: "I saw them on Sports Center one day that they combined for the Play of the Week. I don't know them real well personally, but I knew them through basketball and they knew me through football. They are great players. I love watching them play."

JH: They told me that you guys are playing really well in football this year?

AD: "We are competing for the state championship this weekend. It is the first team out of Columbus to compete for the state championship. I know fellow students like Drew and Brandon are proud of us and what we have accomplished. We play Avon Lake this weekend. Both of us are 14-0 and it should be a good match-up."

JH: Have you been dealing with recruiting at all lately?

AD: "No, I really haven't. I did go the Ohio State-Michigan game and that was as great experience for me. There were a lot of people at that game. I hear it was one of the largest crowds in school history."

JH: What are your thoughts on recruiting at this point?

AD: "I haven't really been thinking about recruiting because I have been concentrating on my high school football team, and I was chosen to talk to young kids in an outreach program. I am real proud of that. Plus, I made the all-metro team, which is one of the biggest honors in Columbus. And then you throw the state championship on top of that, and things are going pretty well for me right now."

JH: Have you set any visits?

AD: "I thinking of visiting Minnesota December 10th and then I am going to Oklahoma on the 17th. Those are the only two schools I have visits set with. I probably won't take an official visit to Ohio State because it is right around the corner and I have been there several times already."

JH: Are those the only three schools that you are considering at this time?

AD: "No, I like Miami, LSU and Texas. I am just waiting to see what kind of interest they give me. That is why I am going to wait until January and probably late January to see what other schools are going to show an interest in me."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

AD: "I am still a Sooner fan and I am excited about seeing them on television this weekend. I want to watch a team that I might be playing on the next four to five years. I am looking forward to visiting OU and finding out what they have to offer. I know that Oklahoma is going continue to be one of the dominant teams in college football over the next several years, but I want to find out more how they can do that every."

JH: Is it safe to say that OU has a good chance to get your signature on signing day?

AD: "Yes, it is safe to say that. I am just trying to make sure I am making the right decision. I know that Oklahoma is one of the premiere programs, but it is a program where I would love to play and they would let me showcase my skills early. I am going to go through the recruiting process, but I can tell you that OU is one of the schools that I am seriously considering."

JH: What kind of year did you have?

AD: "I finished with 90 tackles, five and a half sacks, three interceptions, and I returned two of those for touchdowns. One was 78 (yards) and one was 23. I scored five total touchdowns this year."

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