Stoops' recruiting tour hits South Carolina

South Carolina wide receiver talks about Stoops' visit to his high school on Monday.

Eric Huggins, WR, 6-3, 190, 4.5, CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA:

JH: Tell me about your visit with Bob Stoops today?

EH: "He came down and talk to my parents about me coming to OU. He told them that I was going to be alright and that he and his coaches were going to take care of me. He said that I was going to be around great people, coaches and players, and that I was going to have a great time at OU. He told me that I would have an opportunity to get a great education and that I get out of that what I want. He also said that he was very excited about my playing ability and that I would be a great asset for his program."

JH: What was it like to have Bob Stoops visit your school?

EH: "People knew that he was coming and there was a lot of excitement. My mom brought the whole family to the school. Everybody kept coming up to him and getting their picture taken with him and shaking his hand. I have my picture with him hanging in my front room. Coach Jordan also took a picture with him and it is going to hang in his office."

JH: Were the students excited about the visit?

EH: "All the students knew he was coming, and all day and almost everybody asked me what they talked about."

JH: Did Coach Stoops' nice personality charm the South Carolina folk to the point that they are no longer mad at you for committing to OU?

EH: "He is cool. Once you meet him you can't have any anger towards him or towards me wanting to go play for him. He is a cool coach and a guy that is a real good person that wins. He is playing for the National Championship every year and I want to go play for a coach that is winning every year, not just every once in a while. I want to win all my games, and that is what they do at Oklahoma."

JH: Did Coach Stoops talk to Hivera Green?

EH: "He talked to Hivera, but I am not sure what he said to him. I know he asked to see more film and that he liked how Hivera looked. I hope they offer Hivera because I would love to have in Oklahoma with me."

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