RECRUITING: South Carolina DT still interested

Conway, S.C. defensive tackle Hivera Green update.

Hivera Green, OT, 6-5, 255, 4.8, CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA:

JH: Did you get to meet with Coach Stoops today?

HG: "Yes, I did. I thought it went well."

JH: What did you talk about?

HG: "We talked about my size. When I went to Oklahoma in the summer I had just had my tonsils removed and I lost some weight down to about 245 pounds. Coach Stoops hadn't seen me since then, so when he did see me this time he was surprised how big I was. I weigh about 270 pounds now and he was real surprised about that. He said that I looked great and that when all the coaches get back over the weekend that he would talk to Coach (Jackie) Shipp and Coach (Kevin) Wilson about me. "

JH: Are they recruiting you on offense or defense?

HG: "I guess they are looking at me on both. I really don't care which side of the ball I play on."

JH: What schools have been in to see you?

HG: "I have had coaches from Clemson, Ohio State and Virginia Tech. Coach Steve Spurrier also came by and he offered me a scholarship."

JH: Who are you trying to set visits with?

HG: "Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Clemson, Auburn and Tennessee."

JH: Have you set any visits yet?

HG: "I have a visit set to South Carolina (1-7) and to Clemson (1-14). I am working on setting a date with Virginia Tech."

JH: Do you want to visit Oklahoma?

HG: "Yes, sir. If they want me to take a visit I will take a visit there."

JH: Do you have a leader at this time?

HG: "Virginia Tech and Clemson are in my top two."

(One other note: Ohio State will be in to visit Green on Tuesday.)

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