RECRUITING: Sooners looking at small school TE

Bray-Doyle, Okla. tight end Aaron Cummings update.

Aaron Cummings, TE, 6'5, 240, 4.7, BRAY-DOYLE, OKLAHOMA:

Every year there is a player that emerges from the rough to become a college recruit. And despite the fact that it is late in the recruiting game, all of a sudden he becomes a prospect in the eyes of college coaches. One of those players this year is Aaron Cummings, who plays eight-man football in tiny Bray-Doye, Okla.

"I have played eight-man all my life," said Cummings. "I love it. I am telling you that we play with less people on the field, but it is still football. I look forward to playing regular football. I played 11-man football at the Tulsa and OSU camps. I think I did pretty well in those camps. Eight-man football is not that much different, especially at the tight end position."

Aaron has been a starter at tight end and defensive end since his freshman year. This past season Aaron caught over 50 passes for 1,258 yards and 12 touchdowns. As a sophomore, Cummings racked up 989 yards and 11 touchdowns. And then as a junior, he had 1,015 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Cummings can bench 275 pounds and he starts in hoops (17.8 ppg) and is a shortstop (.589) and pitcher for the baseball team. Tulsa is the only school to offer Cummings at this time, but other schools are becoming interested.

"Coach (Steve) Kraigthorp and Coach (Keith) Patterson came up from Tulsa to see me last night," said Cummings. "I like Tulsa a lot, but Oklahoma has begun to show some interest in me and I was invited up recently to one of their practices. I had a chance to meet all the coaches and talk to some of the players. Coach (Cale) Gundy told me that he was going to start recruiting me vigorously, and he has. He calls quite a bit and says he is coming up next week to watch me play basketball.

"If Oklahoma offers me a scholarship I have a legitimate interest in them. If they offer I will have a tough decision to make. I took my films up to them when I visited and Coach Gundy said they really liked them."

Cummings has qualified.

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