RECRUITING: OU too good for Colorado OL to pass up

Ft. Collins, Colo. OL Jon Cooper talks about his commitment to Oklahoma.

Jon Cooper, OL, 6-3, 273, 4.95, FT. COLLINS, COLORADO:

JH: Last night I thought you were going to commit, but you held back until today. Why?

JC: "I was just kind of delaying everything last night because I have felt that way for some time. It just felt so good that I just didn't want to miss out on that opportunity."

JH: Did you finally get ahold of Coach Stoops?

JC: "I called Coach Wilson tonight, but I wasn't able to talk to coach Stoops. I believe that Coach Stoops talked to Coach Wilson, so he knows that I want to be a Sooner."

JH: You have liked Oklahoma for some time, so what was it that put you over the top?

JC: "The visit was great and that answered a lot of questions for me. That put me over the top and almost answered all my questions, but not all of them. So, I went and visited Oklahoma State. The whole time I was on that visit I was thinking about Oklahoma, and I knew that Oklahoma was where I wanted to play my college football. So, I did want to wait any longer."

JH: You are an inside player at either center or guard, but do you have a preference?

JC: "I don't mind which position that I play. I just started playing center this year and I really enjoyed it. But I like playing guard as well."

JH: Do you deep-snap?

JC: "A little bit, but not too much."

JH: Are you still taking your visit to Missouri?

JC: "No, I am not going to Missouri."

JH: Are you playing other sports or what?

JC: "I am just going to lift weights and get ready to come to OU in the summer."

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