RECRUITING: OU still in the mix for Florida DE

Miami, Florida defensive ends says his interest in OU could rise after meeting with Stoops on Tuesday


JH: I haven't talked to you in a few days, please catch me up on what is going on with you in recruiting?

"I went to LSU this past weekend and returned home exhausted. I enjoyed my visit and I kind of felt like the President. It showed how much interest they had in me, because they paid so much attention to me. It kind of blows me away really, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they really want me, unless all the schools show that much attention to me. I said by coach (Nick) Saban at every meal and I seemed to take to him all the time."

JH: Did you commit to LSU?

"Oh, no way. One of my coach's rules is that we don't commit on our visits."

JH: So, it is safe to say that LSU will be in the hunt at the end?

"Yes, they will be in the hunt, but I am going to take my other visits."

JH: Who do you visit next?

"This weekend I go to Florida and I will get an opportunity to see what their new head coach is all about."

JH: Do you still have an interest in OU?

"I am, but I will have to admit that I will probably be more interested in OU after Bob Stoops comes to my house Tuesday. I know that OU has a good program, but I will know a lot more about them after I talk to him."

JH: It sounds like all the other schools will have to beat LSU.

"I received so much attention at LSU that I was afraid that the other players were going to get jealous. I saw their recruiting board and I was number one on their board, just like they told me. I will definitely compare all other visits to my LSU visit. I am looking forward to my OU visit. It will probably be on a Monday, a week from today and I hope that they show me the same kind of attention. I am going to finalize the arraignments on that visit when I meet with Coach Stoops."

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