RECRUITING: Texas CB impressed with visit

DeSoto, Texas cornerback Brian Jackson update.

Brian Jackson, CB, 6-1, 210, 4.45, DeSOTO, TEXAS:

JH: How did your visit go to OU this weekend?

BJ: "The visit went real good. It went real good."

JH: What did you enjoy the most about the visits?

BJ: "I had a great time watching them practice. I enjoyed watching the defensive back drills because Coach Pelini knows what he is doing."

JH: Did you learn anything different about OU that you didn't know before?

BJ: "Not really."

JH: Did the visit enhance the Sooners chances of signing you?

BJ: "Yes, it did."

JH: Did you commit to OU?

BJ: "No, I did not."

JH: Have you had time to really think about the weekend yet?

BJ: "I haven't had a chance to finish talking to my mom about the situation."

JH: I know that you are still trying to decide between OU and Arizona, so when do you expect to make your decision?

BJ: "We are going to talk about it when we get home."

JH: Talk about the two programs now that you have visited both and give your impressions of what you feel about both?

BJ: "The programs are similar in some ways in that they both have good coaches and good facilities. The major difference is that OU is one of the top football programs in the country and Arizona is trying to get there. At OU, they know they are going to win and they are going to continue to win. At Arizona, it may take four to five years for them to really start winning, and I am not sure I want to go to a program where I may lose my entire collegiate career. I know that Arizona is going to get better every year, but they have a pretty far way to go as well. I like the campus at both schools. So, I just need to sit down with my mom and talk some things over."

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