RECRUITING: Miller not closing the door on OU yet

Killeen, Texas defensive tackle Roy Miller talks about his visit to Texas and Oklahoma's chances to sign him.

Roy Miller, DT, 6-2, 295, 4.95, KILLEEN (SHOEMAKER HS), TEXAS:

JH: How did your visit to Texas go?

RM: "It went good."

JH: Can you get into the specifics of what you liked on the visit?

RM: "I had a great time hanging around the players. I had a great time hanging around Rod Wright and Justin Blalock. The trip was very informative for me."

JH: What did you learn about Texas that you didn't know before?

RM: "I was able to get a ton of information to my parents — from what I will go through if I go there to what to expect in football. I knew a lot about the university already, but they gave all that information to my parents and answered all the questions that they needed answered."

JH: Now that you have visited Texas how does recruiting stand with you?

RM: "I believe that I am leaning towards Texas. It is going to be tough for another team to come in there at this time."

JH: So you are saying that now Oklahoma doesn't have much of a chance to sign you?

RM: "No, I am not saying that. Oklahoma still has a chance to improve their position because I have good feelings about OU. If they can overcome those issues that I have been referring to then OU would still have a chance. My parents may go back up to OU for an unofficial to see if all those issues can be overcome. OU is a great school and anybody in my position would want to play there, but there are still a couple of issues out there that separate the two schools."

JH: Are you still going to take other visits?

RM: "Yes, I am going to take that visit to UCLA this weekend. That will probably be my last visit, but I am not sure. When I get back from that visit I am going to weigh all my options."

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