RECRUITING: OU in Clay's top two?

Jeffersonville, Ga. linebacker Antonio Clay update.


JH: You didn't take any visits this weekend did you?

AC: "No, sir. My last visit was to Florida State."

JH: How did that visit go?

AC: "It was good. We had a lot going on down in Tallahassee. I met the coaches and everything went well."

JH: Are you going to take any more visits?

AC: "No, sir."

JH: Are you close to making a decision?

AC: "Yes sir. I am trying to, but it real hard right now. Coach Coker is coming to the school tomorrow and Coach Walton at Miami. Coach (Bob) Stoops is coming by on Thursday."

JH: What are your thoughts on recruiting?

AC: "I am thinking hard on Miami, Florida, Oklahoma and Clemson. I am just waiting on my home visits from Coach Coker and Coach Stoops, and then I am going to make a decision then."

JH: Do you have a leader?

AC: "No, sir."

JH: From a number of interviews I read it seems you are leaning towards staying back East, but you insist you don't have a leader?

AC: "Well, people that write that are from those areas so they could make it sound that way. To be honest, it is down to Oklahoma and Miami."

JH: Does the fact that OU offered first back in the summer mean anything to you?

AC: "Yes, that does make a difference."

JH: OK, I am going to write exactly what you say so what are your thoughts on Oklahoma and Miami?

AC: "Miami has a good program. I see it as a place that I could play at in the future and I could play for a national championship in the future. I could play for a national championship at Oklahoma, and I think I can play there as well. Both schools have my major. I get along with players at both schools, but I think I get along with the players at Oklahoma just a little bit better. Maybe Miami players were just a little bit down because they had just lost to Miami. I really like Rufus Alexander and the guys at OU. I will try to talk to players from both schools one more time to see if I can get a different reading."

JH: What factor does distance play in your recruiting?

AC: "At first, I wanted my family to come to my games or anything. If I choose Miami they are playing in the ACC and all of our games are within three-and-half hours, but if I sign with OU my mom can watch every game on TV. My mom wouldn't mind coming out to one or two games, and she is fine with that and so am I."

JH: You grew up a Miami fan, so does that give them any kind of an edge?

AC: "Yes, that probably gives them a little bit of an edge, but three years ago I started to like Oklahoma. I would say they are about dead even as far as my favorite team goes."

JH: Have you looked at the depth chart at linebacker at both schools and if so what do you think?

AC: "I really think I can go into the Oklahoma program and get some playing time early. I am that kind of player and I am going to do whatever I can do to get on the field. Miami just signed three linebackers last year and one or two of them are already playing. So, I am well aware of that. I know that Oklahoma plays young players all the time and they are well-known for that. I know the linebackers that OU is recruiting. I met Curtis Lofton and he is a very cool guy."

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