Sooners still lead for DT after Georgia visit?

Hargrave Military Academy defensive tackle Brian Simmons has has the Sooners No. 1 on his list since he visited Norman. Did this weekend's trip to Georgia change that?


JH: How was your visit to Georgia?

BS: "I was impressed with the facilities and the academic at the program. However, I didn't get to look into the program like I wanted to because I haven't been offered yet."

JH: So your two visits thus far have been to OU and Georgia?

BS: "Yes, that is correct."

JH: Now that you have another school to compare OU to what are your thoughts in recruiting?

BS: "I still feel the same. I didn't think the facilities at Georgia were as good as Oklahoma's, but there were some other areas where they matched up. I still think that Oklahoma is No. 1 in my mind."

JH: Do you have any visits still to take?

BS: "I have one more visit to Auburn next Friday and that will probably be my last visit. After that visit, I will work to make a decision. If after that visit I still feel good about Oklahoma, then I will probably make a decision pretty quick in their direction. If Auburn makes some kind of impact on me then I would have to think about it a little while longer."

JH: Is OU still your leader?

BS: "Yes, sir."

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