RECRUITING: Sooners get next shot at Daniels

Columbus, Ohio athlete Alex Daniels talks about his visit to Minnesota and upcoming trip to Norman.


JH: What did you think of your visit to Minnesota?

AD: "It was great. I liked the atmosphere and how the players responded to us ,and how happy they were to see us. They treated us like teammates and didn't treat us as some new players that were coming in to take their jobs. They treated us like part of the team. That was what was great about the weekend."

JH: Did you learn anything about Minnesota that you didn't know before?

AD: "I learned that it is a great opportunity for a player like me to come in and playe. They need more players like me and they showed me that they have a very good academic program. They spent a great deal of time with me on academics, and on the football side I got a good look at their facilities and where they practice at and stuff."

JH: Since it was your first visit did it surprise you somewhat?

AD: "I thought the visit was going to be loose and lame and be in some corn town, but it didn't turn out that way. I was very glad that I got a chance to go in and take a look at their program."

JH: You are visiting Oklahoma this weekend, what are your expectations at OU?

AD: "I think my expectations to see Oklahoma is going to be way different because they are preparing for a big game and they will be going after it pretty good. I think I am a big-time player, so I will be watching how they get ready for a big game with great interest."

JH: At OU are you more interested in the football side of it or the whole college experience?

AD: "I think I am going to take all of it in. Going to college is not just football, but that is very important for me."

JH: What positions are OU and Minnesota recruiting you at?

AD: "I really think I will wind up playing linebacker at both schools, even though I am being recruited as an athlete. I can play safety, but I think most schools are looking at me as a linebacker."

JH: Have you set any other visits at this time?

AD: "No, but I will set them up soon. I still don't know where I am going at this point. It all comes down to who calls and really wants me to take that visit."

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