RECRUITING: Georiga OL still favors two

Atlanta. Duke Robinson still favors two after his visit to Georgia. Did the Sooners make the cut?

Duke Robinson, OL, 6-5, 325, 5.7, ATLANTA (BOOKER T. WASHINGTON HS), GA:

JH: What did you think of your visit to Georgia this past weekend?

GR: "It was good and I had a nice time. I spent a lot of time with Coach Richt and played a lot of fooseball."

JH: What did you learn about Georgia that you didn't already know?

GR: "Their team is pretty together. They turn so many guys to the pros and they have so many good players that you would think that some of the guys wouldn't be part of the team, but that isn't he case. They have some real nice guys on the team and you can tell they really like playing together."

JH: What did you learn about the football program itself?

GR: "The fans of Georgia really care about their football. Georgia football is the biggest thing down there in that part of the country, and it is very important to people."

JH: Now that you have visited Georgia how is your recruiting stacking up?

GR: "It is still going about the same. I am still getting calls and coaches are still coming by to see me. Schools like Miami are still calling me."

JH: Do you still have a favorite or a top two?

GR: "My top two are still Georgia and Oklahoma with Auburn in the picture as well. Nothing has really changed there."

JH: Do you have a leader?

GR: "No, not really."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

GR: "Oklahoma is still up there, and it is either or at this point. I had a great time at Oklahoma and I had a good time at both places. Both places are a little bit different, but not a whole lot, and both are very good programs. So, right now I really like both schools."

JH: Do you still have visits to take?

GR: "In January, I am going to Arkansas (1-26), Florida and UCLA."

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