RECRUITING: Stoops visits DeSoto CB Jackson

DeSoto, Texas cornerback Brian Jackson update.

Brian Jackson, 6-1, 210, 4.55, CB, DeSOTO, TEXAS:

JH: Did you have you in-home visit with the OU coaches tonight?

BJ: "Yeah, they came over. Coach (Stoops) and Coach (Brent) Venables came by."

JH: How did the visit go?

BJ: "It went real well. Everything was cool. They are great guys and I had a good time. I went about as well as it could."

JH: Did you commit to OU?

BJ: "No, I didn't."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

BJ: "I am still up in the air."

JH: So, what are you thinking in recruiting right now?

BJ: "I am still trying to decide between Oklahoma and Arizona. I am trying to think through everything and find the best place for me. Coach Mike Stoops is going to be in my home on Thursday, so I will hear what he has to say."

JH: Since this is the first time that Bob and Mike Stoops have battled each other for a recruit have they said anything about it?

BJ: "Neither coach has mentioned anything about the other."

JH: So neither school is ahead even by the slightest of margins?

BJ: "No, I just want to say it is even at this point."

JH: When do you hope to decide?

BJ: "I really don't know, but I hope to get it over with soon."

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