RECRUITING: Joseph impressed with Stoops

Miami, Fla. defensive lineman Davin Joseph talks about his in-home with Coach Stoops


JH: How did your visit to North Carolina State go?

"It went alright and I enjoyed the coaches and players, but lets be honest, I would rather go to Oklahoma."

JH: How did your visit with Coach Stoops go?

"It went well and my folks liked him a lot. He is a very friendly person and it was great how down to earth he really was."

JH: You had a chance to meet Coach Stoops when you took your visit to OU, but did you get to know him better on his personal visit to your house?

"I learned more about him as a person. As good as he is as a coach, he acts like he never accomplished anything. If you saw him walking on the street I don't think you would tell that he was a great college football coach. He just wants to be a normal guy and that is rare I think in his business."

JH: What are your thoughts on Coach (Jackie) Shipp?

"I have gotten to know him very well and I am very comfortable around him. Coach Shipp is the coach I deal with the most, but on this night Coach Stoops did most of the talking."

JH: How does recruiting stack up with your at the moment?

"Right now Oklahoma is number one and I am taking a trip to Ohio State this upcoming weekend. We will see who is number one after that. I am comparing all schools to Oklahoma and they are going to be tough to beat, but only time will tell."

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