RECRUITING: Florida LB/DE set for visit

Melbourne Florida's Neefy Moffet will visit Norman this weekend, but is he really interested in OU?

Neefy Moffett, LB, 6'2, 240, 4.5 MELBORN (PALM BAY HS), FLORIDA:

JH: What kind of season did you finish up with?

NM: "I had a pretty good year. I had 150 tackles with 130 of them solo. I also had 19 tackles for loss and seven sacks."

JH: Did you blitz a bunch?

NM: "I really wasn't blitzing, but just reading the quarterback and getting after him."

JH: Did you play inside or outside?

NM: "I played both inside and outside linebacker. I like playing outside better. I don't care where I play in college as long as I can get on the field."

JH: What have you taken just one visit thus far?

NM: "USC is the only school that I have visited thus far."

JH: What did you think of your visit to USC?

NM: "I enjoyed it. It was pretty good. I was at the USC/Notre Dame game and I liked the atmosphere before the game."

JH: What is the rest of your visit schedule?

NM: "I go to Oklahoma this weekend. I am going Florida State the first weekend in January, then Georgia and Miami."

JH: How is your recruiting shaping up?

NM: "Everything is pretty even right now with Florida State, Miami and USC."

JH: Does Oklahoma really have any shot at signing you?

NM: "I know that Oklahoma is a great program and they have great tradition. I know they are winning and that means a lot. I have no idea how I would fit in there and that is why I want to visit. I want to see how I fit in there and see what their program is all about. I don't know a lot about their program from the inside and I want to see what they are all about."

JH: So this visit will determine if Oklahoma is going to be a factor or not?

NM: "Oklahoma could still get in the picture, but I just don't know that much about them. This weekend will give me a good indication of what they are about and if I can fit in there. I am looking forward to it."

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