RECRUITING: The latest on Georgia DE/TE Kyle Moore

Georgia DE/TE Kyle Moore talks about his favorites and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: How many visits do you have left?

KM: "I have been to Oklahoma, USC and Tennessee thus far. I am going to Miami in January and Michigan."

JH: What do you think of your three visits thus far?

KM: "Yeah, I liked how it has come off because it gave me some time to rest up and get through finals."

JH: You are already well into your recruiting, so what do you think?

KM: "The recruiting process is all good. I like talking to all the coaches and dealing with them. I don't have a leader at this point and I won't until I take my final two visits. Everything is going well in recruiting."

JH: What are you thought on Oklahoma?

KM: "I still have a great feeling about Oklahoma. I just got off the phone with Coach (Kevin) Sumlin and he came by to see me last week. Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright are coming to see me tomorrow."

JH: OU is recruiting you as a defensive end aren't they?
KM: "They are talking to me as a defensive end and as a tight end as well. I would love to play both ways for them if they want me to."

JH: What are your thoughts on USC and Tennessee, the other two schools that you have visited thus far?

KM: "I love them too. At Tennessee, I liked the coaches and the campus. At USC, I liked the coaches as well and I like the host Lawrence Jackson. I liked my host at OU too. Larry Birdine was a great guy. I need to also point out that Jason Allen was a great shot at Tennessee as well."

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