Barresi ready for his early start at OU

Edmond North offensive lineman Ben Barresi is excited about his opportunity at OU.

Ben Barresi, OL, 6-5, 285, 5.0, EDMOND (NORTH HS), OKLAHOMA:

JH: What is going on with you?

BB: "I graduate in two days. I can't wait."

JH: So you will be in school at OU for the second semester?

BB: "Yes, I will be enrolling at OU for the second semester, and I can't wait for that."

JH: Wow that has to be a great feeling for you isn't it?

BB: "I am enrolled and I am getting my schedule tomorrow. I am basically a student at OU, but I am kind of in limbo because I am a student at OU and a student at Edmond North."

JH: Are you going to the Orange Bowl with OU?

BB: "I won't be going to the bowl with the team because Coach Stoops believes that is a privilege that you earn by working with the team. My parents have tickets and I will be going to the game, but I am going to spend some time with my friends."

JH: Have you been working out trying to get ready for Coach Schmidt's off-season program?

BB: "I am working out nearly every day trying to do stuff that he will have me doing. I have been working on my conditioning and doing a lot of abs work because I know that is important to conditioning at OU. I am going to get together with my personal trainer - Marcus Bivins - for the next couple of weeks to get ready."

JH: Are you taking your official visit to OU this weekend?

BB: "Yes, I will take my official visit to OU this weekend.The most exciting thing to me will be getting a chance to put on that OU Jersey with my name on it. I have wanted to do that all my life and I am finally going to get that opportunity this weekend."

JH: In just three months you will be going through spring football at OU, is that a little overwhelming to think about right now?

BB: "As an athlete it excites me. I am excited to see how the level of competition will push me and how will it make me better. I think the athletes that I will be playing with will make me better. I know the kind of players they have at OU, and if I can get to the point that I can block them then I can block anybody. I am excited about the level of competition at OU and I am going to raise my game to get to that level. I hear that Dusty Dvoracek is coming back and that is great for our team. I been told by the young linemen that he will get after you and if you can stop him at all from getting to Jason or the quarterbacks, then you have had a good day."

JH: In just a few days you and Joe will be separated for the first time, isn't that right?

BB: "That is coming up pretty soon. Joe leaves pretty soon for Arizona, but we have been preparing for this and we are ready for it."

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