Carter says career not complete yet

Oklahoma senior center Vince Carter talks about his career in Norman, being named to the Walter Camp All-American team and the Sooners' Orange Bowl matchup with USC.

Throughout his career Vince Carter has been a great Sooner. Carter was forced into action his freshman year when injuries hit the offensive line, and he has not missed a beat since.

The unquestioned leader of the offensive line, Carter was recently honored when he was named to the first team Walter Camp All-American team. Carter is a diligent worker, and with the rest of the Sooners getting to play in the Orange Bowl. However, Carter took the time recently to talk with for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: You were recently honored as a first team Walter Camp selection. What an honor for you?

VC: "It is a great feeling to be a Walter Camp All-American. When I look back at where I have come from and where this team has come from, we have come a long way and I have grown a lot. It is a great way to wrap up my career here to be named All-American, but there is still one more goal for me to go get. The Orange Bowl is really all that I am thinking about."

JH: Did you get a tear in your eye when Jammal Brown talked so passionately when he was receiving his Outland Trophy Award?

VC: "Yes, that touched my heart. It showed me how much he respects me and how much loves me and what I stand for. We had a good time down there together and we have had a great time together here at OU."

JH: Was the award ceremony fun for you?

VC: "It was a lot of fun. Just being up there with the elite guys in the country that I see on SportsCenter all the time, and to be there with them having fun and laughing was a good time."

JH: How do great college players handle meeting other great college players?

VC: "It was a little strange because you don't want to go up to them gawk at them like a fan or something. You certainly didn't want to walk up to them and ask them who they were, so if I knew somebody I would ask them who other people were and they would ask me. It was fun that way. Then, when you find out who is who you go get your camera and take pictures all over the place. It was good to have a chance to see some guys that you see on TV and read so much about. It was good to look them in the eye and laugh and kid about the same stuff."

JH: Did you tell some the guys that you pick their team in video games because you think they are good players?

VC: "I told Derrick (Johnson) that I pick Texas because of him. You know we went to high school together, and he said he picked Oklahoma because of me. Even in our Red River Shootouts I like to get Texas so that I can let Derrick run around a little bit."

JH: Did you run into any Trojans while you were there? Did you get into a little pregame stuff or was everything cool?

VC: "Oh, a little bit I guess. I played against Shaun Cody in the California/Texas All-Star game back in high school, so we were eyeballing each other when we got to the ESPN zone. We sat and talked, and we started messing around. He asked me what we were going to do in the game. He asked me if we were going to bring a lot of power, and I just smiled at him. We just had some fun. But as Jammal said, it is all fun and games now but it is going to be a different story on January 4th."

JH: Did you block Cody pretty well in the Texas/California All-Star game?

VC: "He played more defensive end in that game than anything. They were playing a '50' front so I only faced him a couple of times. I don't remember any details of how I did against him. That was a long time ago. We are two different players now so it wouldn't have made any difference anyway. It is going to be interesting."

JH: What are your early thoughts on Southern Cal?

VC: "They are a great team and there is a reason they are the No. 1 ranked team in the country. We have to go in there and prove that we should be in that spot."

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