Lofton still excited to be a Sooner after visit

Kingfisher, Okla. linebacker Curtis Lofton update.

Curtis Lofton, LB, 6-2, 240, 4.6, KINGFISHER, OKLAHOMA:

JH: What did you think of your visit to OU this weekend?

CL: "I loved it. I enjoyed myself."

JH: Since you were already committed, did you go into the weekend looking for anything spec

CL: "I just went in looking to have a good time. I just relaxed and sat back and let them take care of me. I hung out with the players Saturday night and had a great time."

JH: Who was your host?

CL: "DeMarrio Pleasant was my host. We just hung out with some other players and had a real good time."

JH: I am sure you know that Wayne Chambers' career is over, and that is very sad. However, it does open an opportunity for you at middle linebacker. Did Coach Venables talk that over with you?

CL: "Unfortunately, that happened to Wayne. The coaches told me that next year that I would have a great opportunity to come in and start, or play a lot. They are not going to give me anything, but I will have an opportunity to come in and earn that position."

JH: Did you look at some game film?

CL: "I brought some of my film down from Kingfisher and we (coaches) kind of watched it together."

JH: What did you think of the players and the banquet?

CL: "We all got along really well and we all had a great good time. Hopefully, they will all come. The banquet was great. They showed film of Coach (Jackie) Shipp during his playing days. They showed some good plays and some plays where messed up. Coach Shipp was having a good time of it. Then they showed some film of Chuck Long playing against Kevin Sumlin, and that was really good as well."

JH: Are you ready to enjoy the rest of your senior year?

CL: "Since recruiting is over I don't have to worry who is calling me or anything. I can just enjoy my senior year and then head to Norman in June and go to work."

JH: What were your final stats this year?

CL: I had 168 tackles, one interception, caused five fumbles and I had five sacks. On offense, I had over 600 yards rushing and 11 touchdowns.

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