RECRUITING: Reynolds has a feeling

Las Vegas linebacker Ryan Reynolds says he's down to two and just might know which one he'll pick.

Ryan Reynolds, LB, 6-2, 220, 4.6, LAS VEGAS BISHOP, NEVADA:

JH: How is wrestling season going?

RR: "I am wrestling pretty well. I have only lost one match. It was in a tournament in the championship round against a kid from California."

JH: Don't you have to cut some weight for wrestling?

RR: "I am wrestling 215. I have to cut some weight. I was 230 coming out of the football season and now I am at 230 again. So, I am cutting all the time. We have a break now and I am eating to get ready for the (Scout Network) Army All-Star game."

JH: Are you getting tired of cutting weight and then putting it back on and then cutting again?

RR: "It has been a little bit rough. Right after football season I took a break from football trying to get into wrestling shape. I also was working out with some of the guys who are going to that army combine. It has been kind of tough on my body, but I am getting used to it."

JH: Does wrestling help you as a linebacker?

RR: "Yeah, a little bit. I have wrestled and done judo all my life. I think the balance of it and knowing how to use your feet and hands can really be helpful in football or his helpful in football. I think wrestling really helps in the long run."

JH: How did your visit to Wisconsin go?

RR: "It went well. as I really like Coach Bielema up there and I wanted to go up there and see what it was like."

JH: You have also been to UCLA since the last time we talked. How did that visit go?

RR: "It was nice. I went to the UCLA/USC game and that was a big rivalry and a good environment to be in the stadium. So, it went well also."

JH: Aren't you done in recruiting?

RR: "I am not taking any more visits. I am going to announce my decision at the Army All-Star game."

JH: How are things shaping up with you?

RR: "I kind of have a feeling where I want to go, but I want to talk it over with them and talk everything over."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

RR: "I have always really liked Oklahoma and I am just waiting for that opportunity when the coaches can come back out to my house so they can talk to my parents. I think Coach Stoops and Coach Venables are coming January 7th."

JH: Do you have a leader?

RR: "Oklahoma and UCLA are the two teams that I am trying to decide between. I can't let too much out of the bag at this point (laughs)."

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