RECRUITING: OU offers QB with impressive stats

Elizabethtown, Kentucky QB prospect Chris Todd says getting an offer from OU is a dream come true.

Chris Todd, QB, 6'3, 210, 4.7, Elizabethtown, Kentucky:

JH: Haven't you grown a lot during the season?

CT: "I have put on quite a bit of weight since the summer lifting weights and everything. I have added about 20 points."

JH: What were your stats this year?

CT: "They are down from last year. I had something like 3,200 yards and 38 touchdowns. For my career, I have close to 11,000 yards passing. It is about 10,733 yards and 120 career touchdowns."

JH: Do you totally work out of the shotgun?

CT: "No, we do some under center stuff to. We run the spread offense and we are in the shotgun a great deal, but we do get under center. It is like of a like a mix of Texas Tech and UK when Hal Mummie was there. We do run a little under center stuff and play-action."

JH: Is style of offense the biggest key to your decision?

CT: "It is always a plus when you can find an offense that is kind of similar to what you did before. That would mean that I wouldn't have to go into a program and start from scratch. So, we only looked at certain schools because of the offense."

JH: How is your recruiting shaping up?

CT: "I have taken visits to N.C. State and Texas Tech. and there are other schools as well. Some schools want me to make a commitment soo, because they want to get settled at QB. Oklahoma officially offered just a couple of days ago and I definitely want to take a look at them."

JH: Tell us about Oklahoma and your interest in the Sooners?

CT: "Oklahoma has been looking at me and calling me for some time. I have been talking to Coach (Kevin) Sumlin and we have been talking about getting a scholarship offer. I was very happy when they finally offered. That was a dream come true. OU is such a good program with so many great players. They told me they may not offer a quarterback, but I am very happy they did."

JH: How does it feel to be the only quarterback that OU has offered during this recruiting year?

CT: "That is pretty big to think about, especially from a school like Oklahoma. That is quite an honor."

JH: Since Oklahoma offered just a couple of days ago, do the Sooners really have a chance?

CT: "I am still high on the other schools and they are still talking to me and everything. I have been in contact with Oklahoma for quite a while, so it is not like they are just coming into the picture. I think I need to take a close look at them and see how I could fit in."

JH: How hard do you look at depth chart?

CT:: "I definitely think I need to look at the situation that I am getting in to, but even if they have a few quarterbacks you never know what is going to happen with injuries and transfers and things like that."

JH: Do you think you will visit OU?

CT: "Yeah, I am definitely talking about taking a visit in January. I don't know for sure yet, but we are talking about it."

JH: So your decision right now is whether you commit to either N.C. State or Texas Tech right or wait and take a visit in January to OU?

CT: "Yeah, that is pretty much it."

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