RECRUITING: Harris talks about LSU coaching change

Could the coaching change at LSU help OU in the battle for Lousiana safety Nic Harris?

Nic Harris, S/ATH, 6-3, 210, 4.7, ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA:

JH: Does the fact that Coach Saban is leaving LSU effect your thinking on LSU at all?

NH: "The coaching change does not change my decision whatsoever. I am not selecting my school on the head coaches. I am making my selection on what school makes me feel comfortable. You can't count on coaches being at a particular school. By the time I finish my career at a college after four or five years there may be only two coaches left from the original group that signed me. I am making this decision on the school and the football program, and based on which school makes me feel comfortable."

JH: So you will give the new head coach at LSU and opportunity to come in and tell you what he wants to do with the program?

NH: "If you want to look at schools and give them an honest shot to sign you, then I will have to meet the new coach at LSU whoever he is. I am putting all my schools on the table and I am going to give them an equal chance. It wouldn't be fair to him if I don't give him a chance to tell about what he wants to do with his program. I am considering LSU because they have one of the programs and schools that I like best. So, whoever the next coach is I will need to give him a chance to tell me what he wants to do with the program."

JH: Are you still planning to wait until signing day to let the world know your decision?

NH: "Yes, I am going to wait until signing day."

JH: Is Oklahoma still in contention?

NH: "Yes, they are."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

NH: "They are getting ready to play for the National Championship and you can't have but positive thoughts about Oklahoma. They are playing in this game for the third time in the last five years, and that stands up a lot for what they believe in and how hard they work."

JH: Do you have the same final five?

NH: "Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, LSU and Michigan."

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