Tuesday's Orange Bowl Quotebook

Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops walks among his team, as Sooner tight end Willie Roberts runs a drill during practice in Miami on Tuesday. See inside for quotes from Stoops and several players on Tuesday's practice. (AP Photo/J. Pat Carter)

Below are quotes from Oklahoma players and coaches following Tuesday's practice in Miami.

Bob Stoops:

On Tuesday's Practice
"We had a heavy day today and it was very physical. We scrimmaged for 35 plays and it was all about getting back and going full speed. For the most part we had the entire game plan ready to go by the time we got here. There is still a lot of time here to tweak things."

On true freshman Adrian Peterson, Marcus Walker and Garrett Hartely playing in a game this big
"We have had true freshman play in big games before this year. Dan Cody was a true freshman in 2000 and played in this game and did fine. I think our youngest team since we have been here was probably that 2000 team. The freshmen that are starting will be fine."

Adrian Peterson:

On practice
"The intensity is different here than it usually is. Practice is more aggressive, it's all part of preparing and getting in the right mindset for the big game."

On getting to play in the Orange Bowl
"This was one of my goals to come out of high school and play for a national championship. I'm not surprised to be here my freshman season because I knew what I was coming into; I knew what kind of team I was coming to. I understood that if we practiced and played the way were capable of then I felt that we would be playing here."

On USC's defense
"USC has a great defense. Their defensive line is awesome; they have athletes all over the field and their all making plays."

Jason White:

On playing his last game in the Orange Bowl
"What better way to end your career at Oklahoma then to be playing for the national championship. We have a lot of seniors and this is really special to all of us to have a shot at going out at number one."

On USC being on the same level as OU
"USC has a lot of hype surrounding them whether their in this game or not. They're a great football school. They get a lot of media attention being from southern California and their players are used to it."

On what he remembers from the 2000 Orange Bowl
"I played scout team quarterback, and I was there to help the defense get better. Being in the position of scout team quarterback my trip in 2000 was a little more relaxed. I know that this trip reminds a lot of people of our trip down here in 2000."

On if he thought he'd get another chance at the title after last season
"Of course I expected to be back playing for the national championship this season. A lot of guys came back for this season because we all felt that we could get back to have a chance to play in this game. Our hard work has paid off in the end."

Davin Joseph:

On coming back home to Miami
"With OU's tradition in the Orange Bowl, this is like a second home for OU. Me coming back home and seeing some friends and relatives is the perfect atmosphere.


Very strong team, I respect those guys a lot doing what they did in their conference. They got the longest winning streak going right now, Heisman Trophy winner, two guys up for it, a lot of great talent and I just look forward to the challenge and that's what the national championship is all about, No. 1 vs. No. 2."

"It's give and take every now and then. I'd say Reggie Bush is more versatile than Adrian, Adrian is more of a power running back. Jason is one of the best deep-ball throwers, Matt's better with the short game. It's different aspects, but overall it's so close, just great players."

Chuck Long:

On the 2000 Orange Bowl
"Oh sure. The 2000 year really set the example for our program. It's the barometer of our program right now. Every team, to some degree, is measured against that one. But they've also done a good job of setting their own example each year, and we have an excellent example this year. They've done excellent to this point, we have a senior group that has 60 wins, they're 60-6, I don't know if there's any other group in the last five years out there that can say that, in fact, I know there's not. But we still have a big game in front and our eyes are focused on that."

On Jason White's chances in the NFL
"I have a hard time with that. I know a coach will love Jason White at the next level just because of his toughness. He's just tougher than anyone else out there and that goes a long way on that level. I think he's got great poise and savvy, a guy that can get in there and sparks the huddle which pro coaches will like. I look at it this way, it only takes one to like you, not everybody likes everybody, all it takes is one and I believe there will bet that one. I think he'll have a nice career."

"He's got good arm strength, he's got a great release and he's very accurate, especially with his deep ball. He compares favorably to a lot of those guys at that level, it's a premium position, he'll get a chance, he'll get a good look. Based on what I've seen on Sunday, he'll get a chance."

On Adrian Peterson still learning the running back position
"I think AD is learning with each step that we've given him. We've brought him along slowly, we've spoon-fed him each and every week to the point where he's got a good handle of our offense, does he have everything down, no he does not."

Jammal Brown:

On last year's Sugar Bowl loss giving them motivation for this season
"It doesn't really carry over, we just understand the situation. We had an opportunity last year to win the championship and we didn't and that left a bad taste in our mouths. It was a bad time to make it so far and not be able to do it. We're fortunate to have another chance to play for another championship for the second year in a row so we don't want that bad taste in our mouths again. That's the last game we played, so we had that game fresh in our mind. So all through the off season that's something that we talked about and you never want to end it like that. It's a great situation, the championship game, but it's not how we want it to come to an end."

"We learned our lesson that you can't just roll into the championship game and expect to win. We never have any confidence problems, we just take on the situation."

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