Stoops says White much healthier this time around

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White throws short passes during the Wednesday's practice. See inside for OU Coach Bob Stoops' thoughts on White's health, plus quotes from Stoops and several other Sooners following Wednesday's practice. ( AP Photo/J. Pat Carter)

Below are quotes following Oklahoma practice at Barry University Wednesday in Miami.

Bob Stoops
On today's practice:

"I thought we had a very good day, very physical again. We really went after it again today in a good way. We will start again tomorrow and basically Thursday will be Monday of game week for us. We will get into game week preparations and start cutting back on how hard we go at practice."

On Jason White's health this season compared to last year:
"There is really no comparison to be truthful. This whole season he has not been in the training room really at all. He doesn't even need to go in for follow ups or even for ice very often. He is much healthier and has been all year, even with being under center more he is just fully recovered from those. He comes into this game with no questions asked in a lot better way."

On looking back at last season's championship games:
"Have not much, very little. I'm not much on the past. Were a different team this year, and feel overall we're stronger and we come in, in better position. But you have to go earn this year, we don't go back to what happened last year at all."

Dan Cody
On practice here in Miami:

"It's been really good. We have has a couple days of really good work. Everybody is running hard and everybody is in good shape, and everybody is really focused. So were on the right track, thus far."

On similarities between this year and 2000
"There are a lot of the same things as last time we were down here. We played for the Big 12 championship in Kansas City, and were back down here in Miami playing for the national championship. Our record is the same as it was in 2000. The scores of some of our games were the same this season, and our schedule was the same this year as it was in 2000. But it does not mean anything."

On importance of getting pressure on the quarterback
"Yes but that is not the only thing. It's important, anytime you have a good quarterback and a good passing game you want to get pressure on the quarterback. We need to tackle well and be physical more than anything. We have to go out and set the tempo of the game. Getting pressure on the quarterback does not set the tempo of the game, its tackling well and squaring up on people. That's what sets the tempo."

Mark Clayton
On playing in Miami

"We have a good time. It's not everyday you get to come down to Miami. It's the Orange Bowl, you have to enjoy it. So far, my favorite spot in the area has been Coconut Grove."

On the similarities of this year's squad to the 2000 National Championship team
"It's weird to have the similarities between the two teams. We are our own team; we have to do what we set out to do. We are preparing and getting ourselves ready to play in the game. That's the attitude we have going into this."

Davin Joseph
On last year's defeat in the National Championship

"Coming into this year we had a different goal to finish it and seems like we are on track to do what we set out to accomplish. After having a feeling like that after the game, it's just one of those things that you don't want to happen again. Going into this game we don't want to have any regrets. We don't want to start off slow. We don't want to get out of our game plan. You could say we learned from that aspect."

On senior quarterback Jason White
"I think Jason is in way better shape then last year… confidence wise and physically also. Going into this game he is feeling a lot less pressure because of a better run game this year. He is in better shape physically and mentally."

On red-shirt freshman kicker Garrett Hartley
"In a big game like this, it could come down to that last kick. We put our best kicker up front, if he can make it, he will make it… I wouldn't want to be there if I were him. I know he is going to be nervous though. It will be his chance to reach some goals he might have set out for himself. It could be a good thing; it could be a bad thing."

Vince Carter
On Southern California's defensive line

"They have a pretty good defensive front, they play hard. They have some good size in the middle and are great players. They don't have one of the best defenses in the country for nothing. It is going to be a big challenge for us but it isn't anything that we aren't up to."

On the Orange Bowl experience
"We have been having a good time. When come out here and practice hard and when we will be on the field we will play hard but we are really trying to enjoy this moment. But we know that nothing that we do off the field will mean much if we don't win this game."

Jammal Brown
On the Orange Bowl

"It has been a fun experience for us, especially yesterday at the Comedy Hour, but other than that I have just enjoyed my teammates and enjoyed the situation that we are in with the chance to be national champions."

On staying focused for the game
"Our main goal is to win a championship. We could be in Alaska right now, it wouldn't matter, because our goal is to win a championship."

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