Stoops, Carroll have different practice styles

See inside for news and notes on the Sooners from reporter James Hale in Miami.

The most interesting thing I've discovered so far in Miami is the different way each team conducts practices while allowing fans and media to attend. Southern Cal's practices are open to anyone this week, except if you're an Oklahoma media member of fan.

However, you'd have to walk into the the USC practice wearing crimson or an Oklahoma media badge to get thrown out because they're not strict about enforcing it. One USC media source told me that if an opponent wanted to send a graduate assistant to watch a USC practice disguised as a USC fan they could. That same media member said that this has basically been the policy all season and there hasn't been any problems yet.

All you have to do to get in is tell them you're a fan or a media member from somewhere not named Oklahoma. However, our good friends Berry Tramel and Carter Strickland from the Daily Oklahoman and John Hoover from the Tulsa World informed the USC security that they were Oklahoma media and weren't able to watch practice.

On the other hand, getting into an Oklahoma practice is like getting into Fort Knox. For the Orange Bowl, there are two different gates that you have to get through security to get into practice. You'd almost have to fly over the practice field in a helicopter to see an OU practice.


There has been some heated debates between the Oklahoma, USC and national media about whether these teams will be back in this position next year. The general consensus says USC will be back, but it's 50-50 on OU. Those who think OU has a chance point to the return of Adrian Peterson and the fact that OU will finally get to reload with the impressive recruiting classes they've signed over the last several years.


So far, it's been fairly tame on the smack talk front. The two teams went to a comedy club together Tuesday night and all the reports said there was no verbal message exchanged between the two teams.


On the injury front, Big Moe practiced today and looked fine. Actually, the team looks incredibly healthy. AD is healthier than he was in the Big 12 game. Clayton is back to 100 percent. Antonio Perkins says he's in better shape and healthier than he was in the Big 12 game. The rest has really helped Lance Mitchell. He's played through some pain this year, but the rest this month will make him better than he has been in a while.


Tomorrow will the be the first day the head coaches will meet with the national media. OUInsider will be there as well at the Sooners' practice, which starts at 12 p.m. Oklahoma time. Expect a report on the coaches press conference and practice to be posted on this board from Miami late tomorrow afternoon.

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