RECRUITING: Does OU still lead for Joseph

Florida OL/DL Davin Jospeh talks about his visit to Ohio State and tells us where the Sooners stand


JH: How did your visit to Ohio State go?

"It went good. It is amazing what is out there with the stadium and the people. The place is big, but compact. Everything is pretty fast in the town and I could play as a freshman at the positions that I am looking at. It all looks good at Ohio State."

JH: Did you like Ohio State better than Oklahoma?

"I think I could be happier at Oklahoma. Oklahoma is on the verge of being a dominating collegiate program. Ohio State is not to far off, but I think playing-wise I would like to play in the Big 12 more than I would in the Big 10. In the Big 10 you have Ohio State, Michigan and then it varies among the other schools. In the Big 12 you have OU, Nebraska, Texas, Kansas State, Colorado and others."

JH: Which coaching staff do you like better?

"Both coaching staffs are pretty good, but I think I like Oklahoma's better. I am a little closer to those guys and when it comes to getting pushed to gain 20 pounds of muscle then Oklahoma gets the edge?

JH: Are you still a lean to Oklahoma?

"I still am, but I still haven't sat down and really thought things through with my family as of yet. I have one more visit left to Miami, but I don't think I am going to take it. Things don't look to bright for me at Miami."

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