RECRUITING: OU hopes Florida DL wakes up on time

The latest on Miami, Fla. defensive lineman Kareem Brown


JH: Are you tired from your visit to Florida?

"I am exhausted, if my friend wasn't here keeping me company I would be passed out right now."

JH: Are you still coming in for your visit to OU?

"I am going to try real hard. I just have to make sure I get up in time to make my flight. I am very tired and it is at 9:10 in morning, so I have to get up by 7:00 in the morning to make sure that I make it. Hey, don't sweat it, I am going to make the trip, because I am going to stand by my word."

JH: How was your visit to Florida?

"It was great, I had a fun time. I really like the coaches and Ron Zook. I had my doubts, but now that I have met him I feel very good about him. He is a very nice guy and knows what he is talking about. He is very intense, but that just means he wants to win. I really like the players and met some guys that I really connected with. There facilities are top notch and they have a great weight room."

JH: Are you leaning to anybody at this point?

"I have to take all my visits to really see what is going on with all the schools. I just need to get through the recruiting process."

JH: How do you feel about Oklahoma coming into the visit?

"I try not to go in with high expectations so I don't go through expectations. I know I am going in midweek so I am going to be the only recruit there and I don't know how that is going to affect things."

JH: Some recruiting services say that you have your choices down to two schools, LSU and Miami, and no other schools are involved, is that true?

"I am wide open right now. I haven't even visited OU yet and I am looking forward to that that visit. Sure, I have liked the first two schools I visited, but I am not sure I won't like Oklahoma better. I am going to Miami this weekend and they have always been one of my favorite football teams. However, that has nothing to do with recruiting, because there is more to it than that."

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