HOOPS RECRUITING: Juco guard lists Oklahoma

One of America's top junior college point guards talks about his interest in Oklahoma.


JH: You have improved a great deal form high schools days at Westinghouse High School in Chicago. You were a very good player then, but aren't you a much better player now?

JB: "Oh yeah, I would say that I am a lot better player. I have improved as an all-around player. I am rebounding better and just playing the game harder."

JH: What are you averaging at this point in the season?

JB: "I am averaging 20 points and 11 assist per game. I think I am still first in the country in assists, or I knew that I was during the first semester. In conference, I am second in scoring, first in assists and first in steals (3.6 pg)."

JH: How is your team playing?

JB: "We are 17-0 and 4-0 in conference and we just beat Dixie last Saturday. We play in the Salt Lake Community College and we are going to get after theml. They have Racalon (sp) Sims, who is supposed to be the national player of the year, but he has to go through me for that."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up for you?

JB: "I am looking at Oklahoma, Gonzaga, UCONN, Purdue and Auburn. Those are the main schools right now."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU?

JB: "I like them a lot and I am really considering them. Right now I am just waiting to get the season over with then take some visits. I would like to take all five, but I know that probably won't be possible. By the end of the season I hope to have things narrowed down to a top two or three and then visit those schools."

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that you like about the Sooners so much?

JB: "I really like Oklahoma's style of play. I like how they run and how they play big. I like the fact that Coach Sampson coaches hard and he makes his players better. Oklahoma's style of play is exactly what I am looking for."

JH: Do you have a leader right now?

JB: "Right now I really don't have a leader. I am just taking phone calls and listening to what coaches have to say. However, I can definitely say that Oklahoma will be one of the schools that I look at and consider."

JH: You transferred in to Southern Idaho last year or the year before?

JB: "I played my freshman season at Utah Valley State and averaged 14 points and six assists per game. I was named second team all-conference. We lost to Dixie and didn't get to go to Hutch for the tournament."

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