RECRUITING: Former UT signee has OU among final 3

Mart, Texas athlete Quan Cosby talks about his favorites and interest in Oklahoma.

Quan Cosby, ATH, 5'10, 200, 4.4, MART, TEXAS:

JH: Three years later how much bigger are you now than when you played in high school?

QC: "I played at about 185 in high school, but I have gotten much bigger since them. I am at about 200 or maybe a little more now, and I am still running very fast. I haven't run a forty since high school, but think I am least as fast as I was in high school."

JH: Did you decide to play baseball out of high school because of the money or because you just liked baseball better at that time?

QC: "It was more of an opportunity to play a sport as a professional. I like baseball, and the money had something to with it as well. Anaheim certainly had to buy me out, so to speak, to keep me from playing football."

JH: Are you absolutely sure you are quitting baseball to play college football?

QC: "It is pretty close to definite, but my contract isn't over until June so I can't sign a letter of intent or anything. I have until that time to make my decision final."

JH: How is your baseball career going?

QC: "It is a work in progress, I have made good progress. Anaheim has taken good care of me and they are giving me an opportunity. I believe they might give me a better opportunity soon, but right now my heart is not into baseball as much and it is into football. I am pretty sure my heart will stay this way and that I will still feel this way in June."

JH: Did you think about football much while you were playing baseball?

QC: "It never really went away. Every time I came home I asked myself why did I give up football? Knowing that my contract is up this year gave me the idea to think about it. I started to talk to my old high school coach (Terry Cron) about it and he gave me some good advice. I started to get an agent, but he talked me out of it, and that was great advice. Then we started contacting colleges again and found out there is interest in my returning to football."

JH: If I remember correctly didn't you signed with Texas out of high school?

QC: "I singed with Texas out of high school. I was kind of a hometown guy coming out of high school and OU and Texas were neck-and-neck. I basically picked Texas because it was only three and a half hours from my house."

JH: Have you received your release from Texas? Or are you still bound to Texas?

QC: "Yes, that is correct. I got that taken care of recently."

JH: Who are you looking at in recruiting at this point?

QC: "I am looking at OU, Texas again, Baylor, Texas A&M and Tennessee."

JH: Do you have a leader?

QC: "The three Big 12 schools are neck-and-neck right now. The top two schools would be OU and Baylor right now because they have done the best job of recruiting me, but Texas is moving in."

JH: What do you like about Oklahoma?

QC: "Their coaching staff is great and it is basically the same on defense as when I was in high school. They believe in what they are doing defensively and they are wimning. That is one of their biggest recruiting tools."

JH: What do you like about Texas and Baylor?

QC: "Texas is winning a lot too, but you take away the OU games and they would be in the elite position. I know you can question some of the things that Mack Brown has done, but you can't question how much he wins. Baylor is close to home and I think their program is improving. They are not on the level of Texas and OU, but they are getting better and it is very close to home."

JH: What position do you hope to play in college?

QC: "I think I would play an inside slot receiver on the offensive side of the ball. I like defense, but I am not sure if I would be a cornerback or a safety."

JH: What kind of chance does OU have to sign you?

QC: "OU has a huge chance right now. Right now. OU and Baylor are at the top of my list. Me and Coach Venables are pretty good friends at this point."

JH: What position do you play in baseball and what has been your highest batting average thus far?

QC: "I play centerfield and my highest average has been .302. Last year I played in ‘A' ball.

JH: Do you think you will have any problem returning to football after three years in pro baseball?

QC: "I really don't know. I won't really know until I get on the practice field. I throw the ball around and I work out on my own on things that I think I need to brush up. It won't be easy, nothing is as easy as it looks. I know that it will be a challenge."

JH: Didn't you play quarterback in high school?

QC: "I played quarterback and free safety, and I did all the kick returns."

JH: Are you going to take any visits?

QC: "I am going to pick a school in the next three weeks, so I may take a couple of visits before then. I may visit go to Oklahoma next weekend, Baylor the next week and then Texas. I think I am about to narrow it down to those three schools."

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