Smith testing game against the best of the best

Edmond, Okla. five-star safety/corner Reggie Smith talks with about his first two days of practice at the Army All-American game in San Antonio, who has impressed him, if USC's Orange Bowl win gives them an edge and more insight into his upcoming decision.

Reggie Smith, S, 6-0, 192, 4.5, EDMOND (SANTE FE HS), OKLAHOMA:

JH: How are you using practicing at the Scout Network Army All-Star game to test your skills?

RS: "This shows me how I rank up with the rest of the guys in the country and how I will match-up with the guys that I will be playing with the next few years."

JH: So how has it gone for you thus far?

RS: "It has gone pretty good so far. I am just trying to get back in the groove, but I am getting there."

JH: What position are you playing?

RS: "I am playing both safeties and it is going pretty good. I am playing more free safety, but I am playing strong as well."

JH: What wide receivers have impressed you so far?

RS: "We only get to practice with the West and DeSean Jackson from California and D.J. Hord from Missouri are really good. DeSean is real quick and Hord is real fast. He can open up on you and go. I have found out that I can run with those guys. I am pretty good in football speed and I can maintain my speed in all directions."

JH: Do you have to just play man?

RS: "We are running both man and zone coverages. I think we have to play zone the entire second half."

JH: What other players impress you?

RS: "Ray Mauluga has been very impressive. So have Phillip Dillard and Ryan Reynolds. I have also been impressed with DeMarcus Granger and Jerrell Powe. We go team a lot so we get to see everybody on defense."

JH: You said that you were going to go to this game and talk to players to get an even better feel on your recruiting, so have you been able to do much of that yet?

RS: "It has only been two days so we are just now getting to know one another. I still have time to talk to some guys about what they are thinking and why they are making the choices that they are."

JH: The schools that you are considering are well documented and two of them are OU and USC. USC won the Orange Bowl, so will that have a major factor in your decision?

RS: "No, I don't think so. I don't think that would be fair because that would mean that I am just going on wins and losses, and that is not the big factor in my decision. I am picking the best program and the best situation for me. I am just trying to let everything settle down as all of these coaches are moving around. I want to wait and make sure that everything is going to be solid in the coaching staff, especially when you consider so many coaches are moving around."

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