Granger says Saturday decision is 50/50

Five-star DT DeMarcus Granger talks about his final three and the chance he might commit Saturday.

SAN ANTONIO — Dallas defensive tackle DeMarcus Granger talks about the possibility of committing during Saturday's U.S. Army All-American Bowl, the schools he is still considering and his thoughts on Oklahoma. Will you make your college commitment on Saturday?

Granger: "There's a 50/50 chance. I might end up doing it. I'm leaning towards doing it anyway." What schools are you still looking at?

Granger: "Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arizona State." Are those schools in any particular order?

Granger: "No. I think I said them distance wise." So will you announce your commitment on Saturday?

Granger: "We'll just have to see on Saturday. Whatever comes out of the duffel bag will be my decision. It might be a question mark hat." What do you like about Oklahoma?

Granger: "The depth of the defensive line has increased with guys that are committing, but you never know if that Moe dude is on or off the team. Dvoracek is back, but that's not really going to do nothing with my decision. They're spitting out defensive tackles left and right. Their line coach is pretty good. He is doing something right." What about Arizona State?

Granger: "They've got a nice academic program. I took a visit there and it was real nice. I could lead the PAC-10 in sacks. Because with everybody in the conference throwing the ball, you get a chance to sack quarterbacks more." What are your thoughts on Tennessee?

Granger: "My momma likes Tennessee and I might take a visit there. They're spitting out d-lineman too. Their program has been there and isn't going away." What will be the biggest factor in your decision?

Granger: "Who's going to give me the paper (the money). I'm going to graduate and make more money than the NFL can ever see hopefully. If not, I'm just going to use my degree and make some money." What OU coaches are recruiting you?

Granger: "Coach Shipp and Coach Wyatt." What is your opinion of those coaches?

Granger: "Even though they're not from the same place, they talk to me just like brothers. Some kind of family ship is going on." Can you see yourself playing at Oklahoma?

Granger: "Yeah I could, (laughing)…but I can also see myself playing at Canada Community College."

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