RECRUITING: Stoops meets with California DB

The latest on Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' in-home visit with California defensive back Aaron Miller


JH: How did your visit go with OU Head Coach Bob Stoops?

"It went pretty good. I actually met him when I went on my official visit. Because I have an high interest in Oklahoma I was looking forward to this visit. To be honest, this meeting was more for my grandmother and grandfather to get to know him, because it is very important that they get to know the coach that could very well be my future head coach. Right now it looks like I am going to go to Oklahoma and this meeting was just to go over some details and a few more questions that we had as a family."

JH: Did your grandparents enjoy their visit with Bob Stoops?

"The only thing that my grandparents question about Oklahoma is the distance from my home. Everything else they love about OU."

JH: Do you worry about the distance factor and OU?

"No, it's no problem with me. I have been looking forward to getting out of California, but for my parents and grandparents it is a different story. They would like me to stay closer to home, because then they could drive to the games. If I go to Oklahoma I am sure they will try to come out to as many games as they can and they will watch me on television every game they can."

JH: Are you still going to visit LSU this weekend?

"Yes, I am."

JH: How would you sum up recruiting right now?

"Right now the University of Oklahoma is in the lead, but USC and UCLA are right behind them. There isn't too much more to look at really, but I will have to sit down and discuss things with my parents and grandparents."

JH: Which school do you like out of USC and UCLA?

"I really couldn't say, but I guess USC has a slight lead over UCLA, but it is real close."

JH: Do you feel that LSU will be in the picture?

"I couldn't say right now and I am keeping my options open until I finish that final visit."

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