Hale's U.S. Army All-American Bowl Notebook

The latest on OU's chances for Reggie Smith and several key players from Media Day in San Antonio.

Today was media day in San Antonio and I had a chance to meet some of the guys who I have been talking to now for close to a year. It was great to finally meet wide receiver Eric Huggins, defensive tackle James McKinney, defensive tackle Roy Miller, tight end Martellus Bennett, offensive guard Craig Roark, offensive guard Jesse White, reciever D.J. Hord, linebacker Ryan Reynolds and safety Reggie Smith. All the players were having a good time today and all seemed to be enjoying the activities.

There were a number of things that stood out to me and the crew from OUInsider.com.

1) The buzz around the camp is that Ryan Reynolds is going to commit to OU on Saturday. Reynolds has been working on other players to come to OU like Miller and Marcus Shavers, who is committed to Arkansas. I talked to Reynolds and he didn't tip his hand to me, but said he brought his favorite OU hat to San Antonio with him. I also talked to DeMarcus Granger, who said he didn't think I would be so short. I told him I wouldn't be so short if he wasn't so big. He has a very good since of humor and we had a good talk. The word around camp is that he is talking up only Oklahoma. He still says he might commit on Saturday, but he is not totally sure.

2) Roy Miller says that he is still a lean to UT, but that the events (defensive coaching changes) the last two days with the UT coaching staff has got him thinking about things again. Miller said that OU Assistant Coach Bobby Jack Wright has called him in the last couple of days and that he was going to talk again with him soon. However, he did say that he might announce on Saturday, so who knows at this point. Miller did say that Ryan Reynolds also got him thinking about OU again, because he kept talking about them. Miller said what got he and his parents crossway's with OU was that some things didn't go right on the visit. Since then the Sooners have been trailing Texas and so far haven't caught up.

3) I talked the longest with Eric Huggins, who seemed to really enjoy finally putting a face with a voice with this reporter. Huggins wants to prove that he belongs among the nations' best. Huggins has had a great camp and he has impressed all the media that has been covering the event. Huggins is so happy that he is a Sooner.

4) Reggie Smith is a cool customer, even at media day. Reggie was polite, but didn't say much and never tipped his hand in any direction. He did well in all the athletic skills competition.

5) None of the QBs here are as good as Rhett Bomar are Tommy Grady, as pure passers go. Ryan Perrilloux, who is committed to Texas, had the strongest arm, but he is not Bomar or Grady. Mark Sanchez is committed to USC, but again does not throw it like Bomar or Grady. Sanchez has long curly hair and I just have to wonder if all USC QBs have long curly hair? Perrillioux was the most popular athlete among the media. Everybody wanted to talk to him, but me. He will either sign with Texas or go to LSU, but he does say that he is going to take visits to Mississippi State and Florida State as well.

There is a major story soon in the Dallas Morning News on Pedrrillioux and in that story it stated that an LSU booster picked he and his parents up to go meet with Les Miles an hour or so after Miles got the job. If it was truly a booster then isn't that a violation? I guess it could be a relative or close friend or something, but I promise as soon as a number of other coaches read that story they will be asking the same question.

6) I talked to defensive tackle James McKinney and he says he hopes to take his fifth visit to OU. He said that he has not been able to set that visit with OU, but that he hoped to. If he doesn't get it done with OU then he will visit Florida instead.

7) I talked with Craig Roark today and he is a great guy. Others say he is having a very good camp. He says he is sold on Nebraska, but I really wonder if he would stick with that commitment if OU offered. At this point I don't think OU will, but it would be interesting to see.

8 ) I also talked to Jesse White and met him for the first time. Jesse is sick and will have to get his tonsils out soon. Most are shocked about his size, but OU knows he is only 6-1 or so.

9) Martellus Bennett is having the time of his life. He is having a great deal of fun and makes all reporters cover him on one pass pattern before he will let them interview him. He tried a stop and go on this reporter and I didn't go for the fake and was right with him down field. However, running back Jamal Charles threw a ball up for grabs and the 6-7 Bennett out jumped me for the ball. Bennett said that I had the best coverage among the media and that I was the only one not to go for the fake. Bennett said talk of his committment to Texas was not correct and that he is still very interested in OU. He likes OU football, but says he also likes OU basketball a great deal, including basketball coaches Ray McCallum and Kelvin Sampson. I still don't think OU has a great chance, but when you meet Bennett you feel better about the Sooners chances.

So, the players are having a great time and it should be a good game on Saturday. We will have more from the practices on Friday as they go through a wal- through before the big game.

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