RECRUITING: Is Carter still solid to OU?

The latest on Jenks High School defensive back Jason Carter


JH: Are you going to visit Arkansas this weekend?

"I don't know for sure. I might go to Arkansas, but again I am not for sure."

JH: Are you really serious about Arkansas?

"It's another school that I have had some thought in playing for, but I am still solid to OU and I am not trying to lose that."

JH: Would there be something specific that you are looking for in a visit to Arkansas?

"Yes, it's to take my mind off all this stuff that I am worried about. I am concerned about playing time at OU, or if I can play early and I want to see if the same situation exsists at Arkansas."

JH: You are regarded as one of the best players in the state and one of the best cover corners in the country, do you really doubt your abilities to play early at OU?

"I have seen them play and I know how many DBs are in front of me right now. Mike Stoops really didn't say what I wanted to hear right now, because he said he wanted me to just play corner and I also want to play safety. You can ask him, because he could tell that I wasn't real happy with what he said, but he didn't really waver about me just playing corner. I may be able to beat out one or two guys at corner, but I don't know if I can beat out enough to play."

JH: Are other schools guaranteeing you that you will play early?

"A lot of schools have told me that they are graduating two or three safeties or corners. Tennessee and Alabama told me that, but I crossed them off. Kansas State and Michigan told me the same thing, but I am not considering them. All the schools feel like I can play early, but Oklahoma seems to be more honest with me and they don't try to paint a pretty picture. I do appreciate that, but no kid with my capabilities wants to go to a school where I am not going to play for two or three years."

JH: So, recap your thoughts on visiting Arkansas again?

"I am not going to lose my scholarship at OU, but I just want to get away and clear my head, and visiting Arkansas might be a way to do it."

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