Rolle: "Bob Stoops is my man"

One of America's top juniors — Princeton, N.J. cornerback Myron Rolle — talks about his performance at the San Antonio Combine, his early list of favorites and interest in Oklahoma.

Myron Rolle, CB, 6-3, 209, 4.49, PRINCETON (THE HUN HS), NEW JERSEY:

JH: What did you think about the combine in San Antonio?

MR: "I thought the combine had its positives and its negatives. The negatives were the number of kids there, which I thought took away from each kid, including me. There was too much down time and there shouldn't be that much down time for any of us. On the positive side, I had a chance to go up one-on-one with some of the best players in the country. I had a chance to test my skills against some great players. I always enjoy great competition and there were some good players at this camp."

JH: How did you do in one-on-one drills?

MR: "I went six times in one-on-one drills and I just jumped out there on anybody. I went against a good receiver named Harvin out of Virginia and a guy from Dallas who was a good receiver. I did very well in the drills. Against the first four guys, I did very well in press converage. I knocked down the first guy three times and then intercepted the ball. The second guy I knocked down to the ground and he never got into his route. Then one guy I pushed out of bounds, so he didn't get into his route. I jammed Harvin at the line of scrimmage, but I slipped and he is very fast. I tried to close ground on him, but he had a good quarterback throwing to him and they beat me on that one pass. I stopped five passes and got beat on one, but all in all I had a good day. It was great to finally get out and show what I can do. After the drills I had a lot of fans who came up to me and bragged on my play. That felt good that I finally had a chance to show people what I can do."

JH: You have attended some of the best combines in the country, so you know what to do and how to get ready for them don't you?

MR: "Yes sir, I sure do. I know what to expect as far as the drills and what the coaches are doing. I know what the coaches are looking for. I enjoy it when especially when you have spectactors there who are looking to see a guy can do. In most of these drills the receiver has an advantage because it is one-on-one drills because he knows where he is going and the quarterback and receiver have talked about what they are going to do. That is why I love the challenge of these combines, because I really get to show what I can do in drills that aren't set up for me to have success. I find that most of the people have heard about me, and once they find out who I am they know that I am ranked high so they play hard against me, which makes me play harder. I enjoy the competition."

JH: You are one of the most well-known players in the country. Do you find that you have a celebrity to you when you attend these camps?

MR: "It is funny, because my father and I was talking about this the other day. Last year I was the hunter. I was going all over the country looking for the competition. Last year I went to combines looking to match up with Derrick Williams at the Eilte College Combine in New Jersey, who I shut down, and Nyan Boateng, who I shut down at the same combine. I went to Miami looking for great competition and did a good job there. Now I go to these combines and receivers are traveling to match up with me and they are looking to play against me. They are trying to find out where I am going to compete and that is flattering to me. At the combines, once receivers know that I am there they will ask to go up against me because they are saying they want to test their skills against the best, so I am always ready to give my best effort. I did the same thing a year ago and I understand what they are looking to do, so I take that as a great challenge to always play my best."

JH: You came up to the Oklahoma camp as a sophomore and then you came to the Baylor game a year ago. Are you planning an OU unofficial trip this year?

MR: "In the spring, my family and I are planning on visiting OU again. It is not just going to be my dad like it was last year for the Baylor game. This time my mom is going to come along as well as my four brothers. My family is interconnected with me so much making me a better person and better athlete. They will be involved with my decision, but it is my decision. However, I respect their opinion and we all have to feel good about it. It is important that all of them get a chance to see what OU is like and to get a feel where I might spend the next few years of my life.

"As far as the football aspect of it goes, I just want to meet with the Coach Stoops again and just talk to him and see what he is thinking and what is on his mind. I just want to try to get to know him better. Then I want to meet with Coach (Bo) Pelini and talk to him about the secondary and what kind of schemes they use and how I might fit into that secondary. I want to talk to Coach (Brent) Venables and get into what his philosophy of defense is. I want to talk to the academic counselors and find out about their med school and their pre-med program, because that is what I want to go into. I want to find out all I can about their program. Then, last but not least, I want to talk to some of the players and see what they think about their program. The players will tell you how much they like the program. I can probably find out more about the program from the players than I can from anybody else."

JH: Is it safe to assume that you have a great interest in OU?

MR: "Yes sir, without question. I have a great interest in OU."

JH: What other schools are you seriously considering?

MR: "I can only go with the schools that are showing me the most attention and showing me the most love. Michigan is one of those schools. One of their coaches are coming by the next morning. They have always shown me a great deal of interest and have always showed a great deal of love for me. Florida State is another school that has shown me a great deal of interest. Virginia would be another that has been recruiting me since my junior year."

JH: Do you talk to Oklahoma much?

MR: "I only talk to Bob Stoops on the phone. I talk to him every other week. He is a great guy and easy to talk to. We talk about all kinds of things. Most of the time it is not even about football. He looks so intense on TV, but in person he is an easy going guy and just an easy person to be around. I can see myself playing for a guy like that. I want to play for a coach that I have a great relationship with. Bob Stoops is my man. He really impressed my family when I went to their camp as a sophomore. He has been a great guy with me and my family every since. We are all big fans of Coach Stoops and care for him a great deal."

JH: Is it true that you will graduate early and be enrolled in time for the spring semester in 2006? Could you announce before the 2005 summer is over?

MR: "Yes, I am going to graduate early and enroll in college early. If I know where I want to go by the end of the summer, or early in September, then I will go ahead and announce my decision. I don't see any reason why I should drag it out if I know where I want to go. If I am not sure then I will take longer. I don't have a timetable or a date, but I am not going to linger with my decision either."

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