RECRUITING: Joseph still mulling over decision

Hallandale, Florida line prospect Davin Joseph says he won't rush into his decision


JH: Have you made a decision on where you will go to school?

"I have decided to wait a little bit. I really don't have to rush into a decision."

JH: Has something come up in your decision-making process that causes you to wait?

"I just want to be 100 percent sure and that is all that it is. I just need to take another two or three days to make sure of this very important decision for me."

JH: How does recruiting shape up with you at the moment?

"Oklahoma is still on top, but I haven't sat down and written down all the pluses and minuses involving Oklahoma and Michigan State. I don't know why I have taken so long to do that, but that is what is needed at this point."

JH: Break things down between Oklahoma and Michigan State?

"I feel comfortable at both places and feel I can be a success at both places, but there are differences in both places and I need to sit down and really weigh what differences would suit me best. I still feel that is Oklahoma, but I just need a couple of days to think things through some more. This is a very important decision for me and I have to make sure I am absolutely sure what I am going to do."

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