RECRUITING: Bennett not ready to rule OU out

Top Texas TE Martellus Bennett talks about his final visit plans and how hoops might help OU land him.

Martellus Bennett, TE, 6-6, 240, 4.75, HOUSTON, TEXAS:

JH: Going into the Scout Network Army All-Star game there was all kinds of talk that you had committed to Texas. Did you at any time commit to Texas? And if not, where did that come from?

MB: "That was a false statement. I don't know where that statement came from. That was strange because I never said anything like that. I am still open."

JH: You seemed to have a great time at the all-star game?

MB: "I had fun all the time. There wasn't one day that I didn't have fun. I did everything that they asked us to do. I had a great time."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up with a couple of weeks to go?

MB: "Oklahoma still has a shot. Oklahoma, along with Texas A&M and Texas are my main ones with USC out there somewhere."

JH: Are you still taking visits?

MB: "Yes, I am going to USC and Texas A&M this weekend and next."

JH: What kind of role does basketball still play in your decision?

MB: "It is still the same. Wherever I go I want to play both sports. I love both sports and if a program won't let me play both sports, then I am not even considering that school."

JH: Oklahoma is one school that is recruiting you hard in both sports aren't they?

MB: "Yeah, they are going to let me play both and they have been aggressive about it. I talk to Coach (Ray) McCallum quite a bit and Coach Sampson. Both are great guys and I like them a lot."

JH: Don't you know Coach McCallum real well from his days at Houston?

MB: "Yeah, I used to go to games at UofH all the time when he was the head coach."

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