RECRUITING: Cummings still waiting for OU's offer

Bray Doyle, Okla. tight end Aaron Cummings update.

Aaron Cummings, TE, 6-4, 240, 4.7, BRAY DOYLE, OK:

JH: How is basketball season going for you?

AC: "We are 10-3 on the year and I am doing pretty well. I think I am averaging about 18 points per game. I know I am averaging a double-double."

JH: What is the latest in recruiting concerning Oklahoma?

AC: "I talked to Coach (Cale) Gundy just yesterday and he told me that right now they promised all their scholarships to other players and they don't have one for me at the moment. He said if one of those players turned down the scholarship that they would turn around and offer that to me. He said that if they had found out about me earlier that they would have offered me earlier, but they didn't find out about me until it was late."

JH: What happens if OU does offer?

AC: "If OU offers then I will have a tough decision. Tulsa has been around for a long time with me and they throw the ball a lot to the tight end. If OU offers then I will have a very tough decision to make. Right now, I don't have to make that decision so I don't have to worry about it."

JH: Are there any other schools that are trying to recruit you?

AC: "Arkansas has started to recruit me and Texas Tech recruited me for a while. When Tulsa offered I committed to them. At that point a lot of schools dropped off of me, but OU has started to recruit me and they have been recruiting for a while."

JH: Considering how well you have played and the fact you are one heck of a good athlete, are you surprised that more colleges didn't recruit you earlier?

AC: "I guess the word never got out on me or something. I am happy with who is recruiting me, but I have been told by a number of colleges who have called lately that they would have recruited me harder if they had known about me. That is the way it goes and I am happy with what is going on with me."

JH: You are from a small school that plays eight-man football, so are you confident you can make the transition to D-1 football?

AC: "I am very confident that I can compete on the D-1 level. Tulsa is telling me that I can go and play up there next year. The big question is not my athletic ability, but whether I can grasp everything mentally. I think I can play at that level. In high school I have always played three sports, and when I get to college I will be concentrating on just one and that will help me a lot."

JH: Ok, give us your vital statistics at this moment?

AC: "I am 6-5 and I weigh 241. At the Tulsa camp last year I ran the forty three times on their laser time and I ran 4.66, 4.66 and then 4.7. The last one it was raining pretty good and I just didn't get a good start."

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